Polish Workers Living in Tents

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Joint_Force_Harrier, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. How the fuck can they "go home" if A) They have no money B) Can't be deported because they're here legitmately and, according to that report, C) Have no valid passport.

    Ignorance must be bliss.
  2. So, all have expired passports? :roll:
  3. Obviously not all of them, but if they're shacked up in tents losing after losing their jobs, do you really think the idea of going back to Poland hasn't crossed their minds?

    Jesus Fucking Christ. And people say I don't have any common sense.
  4. Dont suppose you will be able to remember. The Right Honourable Member for Epping, Norman Tebbit :evil: Tellings us to "get on our bikes" Re finding a job???? So how about "On your buss" :roll: One option for migrants, who have failed to find success and prosperity in Britain, is to return home. H&F Council has been allocated £50,000 for the 2008/09 financial year and the same for next year to pay for the Barka bus which has returned 150 people to Poland in the past year. The Department for Communities and Local Government pays the money to cover the travel costs of people who have been unable to find work and want to rebuild their lives in their home country. Once their problems are sorted out, or perhaps they have expanded their skill set, they may well return to Britain with a greater chance of making a successful life here.
  5. well said, scouse.
  6. Good post Scouse - it is the same every time you pick up a newspaper - someone whingeing about what a terrible position they are in and holding their hand out for cash or sympathy or both. They haven't met with success in the UK, claim they can't afford to go home and would probably like to have HMG provide them with homes, dole money and whatever else but all that is on the table in a bus ticket home - Oh Dear, How Sad, Never Mind - move on!

    If this post makes it sound like I am not being compassionate or sympathetic to the plight of my fellow human beings then bloody right I am not!
  7. Wonder just how many will go home now the exchange rate for the Pound / Euro isn't so hot. The other half works in a Nursing Home and they have a lot of Polish / Romanians who work every hour and send a lot of dosh home - now they are all bailing out and going home as the finacial incentative to work away from home isn't quite so good.
  8. Based on personal experience (well, based on what the wife says) there are a lot of Poles who work damned hard (a lot harder than Brits) who will be missed if they do go home - Polish woman at the wife's office and the place is always spotless unlike a couple of years ago when Fag ash Lil was halfheartedly pushing a broom around.

    However - that is not the point - if there is work and it can be done by our new EU bessie oppos then so be it - if they can't cut the mustard then they should go home and rethink their options (without the benefits (dubious as some of them might be) of the UK Social Welfare system
  9. My niece was thrown out of her council house that she had spent many a penny on under the ruling that a council house passes down only the once!

    Well would you believe it a polish family moved in a fortnight later who had been renting a private house along with another ten poles!

    We are looking at the same scenario here in tent city the English are so stupid at times.

    Romanian group wants M50 gypsies removed
    Sunday, July 22, 2007 - By Nicola Cooke
    The extended Romanian gypsy family living on a roundabout in Dublin, who have been served immigration papers by gardai, should be removed by the State or more such families will be encouraged to come here, according to an organisation set up to support Romanians in Ireland.

    Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNBI) officers yesterday served immigration papers on 86 members of the Rostas family, who have been living at the N2-M50 roundabout for several weeks. Similar documents were also served on those at a derelict house on the Old Swords Road.

    The group have 15 days to make representations to Minister for Justice Brian Lenihan as to why he should not make a removal order, in which case they would be transported back to Romania.

    Last Thursday, the Health Service Executive (HSE) took three of the Roma children at the roundabout into their care.

    One child has now been returned and a HSE spokeswoman said they ‘‘are actively seeking to reunite the other two children with their families’’.

    Vasile Ros, the chairman of the Romanian Community of Ireland - a member of the New Communities Partnership of organisations representing minority ethnic groups - said that if the government gave in to the Rostas family’s demands for housing and associated services, more Romanian gypsies would travel to Ireland for this purpose.

    ‘‘These people are claiming that their situation in Romania is worse than their current setup in Ireland - I find this hard to believe,†he said. ‘‘How did they come up with the means to travel here?

    ‘‘At the moment, they are looking to get into local authority housing and be provided with meals and clothing - their only consideration of work is begging.

    ‘‘What they are doing is having a bad impact on the Irish perception of other Romanians living andworking here.â€

    The large Rostas family have been living in makeshift huts and tents in two separate encampments just off the M50 since shortly after they arrived in Ireland in May. Concern had been expressed about their presence on the busy road.

    Yesterday, Travellers’ association Pavee Point called for emergency accommodation to be provided for the Rostas family.
  10. Surely if the Poles are destitute and have no money for the fare home, should"nt they be looking to the Polish Embassy for a handout, they no doubt have to repay it though, when they are back home.
  11. Ah! Romanian Gypsies. I recall that in Northern Romania it's supposed to be lucky to have a Zingara at a wedding feast: it keeps the flies away from the food.
  12. Not wishing to be inflammatory or anything ... oh fcuk it - of course I am - where my family is we are regularly plagued with Irish "travellers" trying to half inch anything that isn't nailed down, sell you lucky heather they probably nicked out of next door's garden and generally making a bloody mess of the country lanes when they move on after dumping everything from half a ton of horse manure to a brace of bicycles in the hedgerow.

    It warms the cockles of my heart to think that some of it is coming back home to Eire - now how can we shove it up Romania?
  13. Me too!! oh but fcuk it I live in Ireland. Both barrels does the trick, the word gets around and they stay away. But the Gov. in the UK is encouraging the bastards to settle near ordinary folks so dont blame me.
    I may have mentioned it before but did you know that a triple 0 will make shit of a Hiace engine? :wink:

    PS the Irish knacker [or traveler as they like to be known] is scared of the romanian type.
  14. They are not loved in Eire I can tell thee.

    Reports of a break in at a old factory in Kilkenny the Gardai arrive and discover fifty travellers stripping the place. I need back up now he shouted! Sensible man.

    Paid millions of Euros to vacate land they have squatted on for years!

    They are given a new bungalow they keep the caravan alongside and create a scrap tip in the adjoining field. The daily BBQ of cable stripping is a sight to behold. Yes they are well loved I think not!


  15. That road looks aweful familiar!
  17. Long time ago one of the lads brought in his scanner we all sat sitting having our break listening to the bizzies etc and a call came through about a house on fire in St Helens proceed to ***** *****.

    Joe jumped up fecking hell that's my house!!! Gone!!
  18. [​IMG]

    Is that the Poles tent city going up - nice one
  19. Has a fund been set up for the poor souls?

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