might be really stupid question to ask but i want to know if the navy consider entry into the navy police if you have prior experience as a civvy police officer?

if not, how long is it usually before you can put your name in to switch from 1 trade to police?
If you have been a 'real' copper, I suspect you have far to much between your ears to be a 'Crusher'....unless of course you were a 'copper reject'.... :D
Switching from your source trade to Regulator depends on how crap you are in your source trade.

Incompetent and dangerous ratings are given higher priority than merely shite at the job ratings.

I'd keep quiet about being a proper copper, it'd frighten the grown up crushers. Pretend to be a CHIMP, that wouldn't intimidate them. 8)
To slightly ruin the way this is going, you have to have done 3 years and passed for leading hand in the branch you can't hack it in I believe.

SPB (our resident crusher will advise) and Sol always manages to find the answers.

Having no mates is optional but is the accepted norm.
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