police to use traffic camera evidence

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by golden_rivet, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. The many events of theft of number plates and cars has been of significant worry to people in London as Ken's mob have been very inefficient in dealing with the subsequent complications re. congestion charging. People elsewhere obviously are equally distressed by this type of crime. It's therefore worrying to wake up and hear that the info from speed cameras may be used by the police in fighting terrorism. I totally support the authorities in this work but am very concerned to hear that such unreliable evidence may be used. What next? Oyster card records? Hmm glad I don't have one, or a car quite frankly.
  2. I agree with you golden rivet, whatever technology the authorities have should be used to combat the terrorists. I also agree with the chief of police to hold suspects indefinitely.
  3. On the Oyster card front get a pay as you go one and don't register it, as any other self respecting terrorist would do!
  4. We tried holding terrorist suspects indefinitely before, it is called internment.
  5. Sorry, I disagree with this completely. This is one more of those incursions into personal freedoms, in this case the right to roam freely without supervision from the government. At best, the Met ought to have a warrant to track suspects, i.e. there still needs to be a realtime judicial evaluation of the circumstances. Don't get me wrong, I agree with the need to fight terrorism, but not at the expense of freedoms which help make the UK way of life what it is. There is a balance to be achieved.
  6. AOL

    Exactly. I don't see that monitoring this data is a reaonable use of resources.
  7. I was under the impression that the Police were being given real time access to the Congestion Charge cameras for the sole purpose of tracking a suspect vehicle. They already have access to the video eveidence after an event take place - ie the failed car bombings in london to track the vehicles route.

    Under the new rules, anti-terror officers will be able to view pictures in "real time" from Transport for London's (Tfl) 1,500 cameras, which use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology to link cars with owners' details.

    But they will only be able to use the data for national security purposes and not to fight ordinary crime, the Home Office stressed.

  8. Exactly. I have no issues with many of the anti-terror measures but we should all remember the arrests of an elderly man at a conference and a lady reading a list of names in Whitehall.

    It is a fine line between AT and big Brother and it is my opinion that we should not automatically give 3 cheers every time the new surveillance/tracking/registration/proof of ID measure is placed under the AT banner. The obvious answer is of course that only those that have something to hide have anything to fear but my reply to this is that this is the UK, part of what makes it the place it is (or was perhaps) is the fact that we do have freedom from the State controlling and observing our every move.

  9. What you do in public is in reality already in the public domain and freely available, the only difference between using this sort of infromation and lods of plods doing the job of tracking a suspect on the ground is that it is cost effective and releases manpower for other tasks. Any way your roaming is neither controlled or been restricted by the government by this, you can carry on and still do what you want to.
  10. Nueue Arbiet have turned Britain into the worlds largest Open Prison for it's inmates formally known as citizens… :angry5:
  11. In many respects the terr has won. He may not have destroyed our Society but he's ensured that we've self mutilated it.

    G R. Wait until the video feature recognition algorithms have been refined. Time for the big dark glasses, I think.

  12. Ladies and Gentlemen! We have a winner!
  13. Agree. To a large extent, TB and the Mindless Mob managed to do OBL and AQ's job for them.

    Sorry to harp on about this, but to quote Mark Twain, history does not repeat itself but it does rhyme. Go through the history books: the measures that the Socialists brought in over the late 1920s and 1930s in Germany were equally incremental. None of them in isolation were of much consequence, but the "strategic direction" that was taken ended as we all know only too well. The threat isn't from the government of today, or even tomorrow; it comes from the government in place in the medium to longer term future. When do we draw the line and say, hell no, you WILL NOT shave that freedom away.

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