Police Sargeants fearful of PCs

[rant on]
Now for the incomming for us old types, but ever since they relaxed the standards and brought in the PC crap into boot camp, we have reaped what we have sown, when they told old grizzled DI's and trainers alike to tone down the language or it's not okay to boot someone in the arse because they can't do a measly 3 laps around a field, that was the deathnell of self discipline amongst the troops/sailors.

Granted some of it was abusive,(and those that were caught out were transferred tout suite) but it helped develop "thick skins" and prepared a young individual for real life on the outside, but oh now we have to make it as comfortable as possible, and as huggable, well guess what, now we see the result, I don't blame those sargeants as it's a cover my ass mentality out there, same with the leadership in the military, or that recent episode of the jimmy reaming the crew on the Submarine, back in the day, that would have hardly raised an eyebrow, too many freaking wimps around today that will go running to mommy(re:pC brigade) if they are brought up short for indiscretions..[/rant off]

What is needed is some stiff backbones and a damn the PC brigade types attitudes to turn the ship around... :hockey:
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