Police Prioritising


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SS-super-stoker said:
On a more positive policing note:

The old boy next door to me spotted the local chavs breaking into my house a few days ago, called the cops, and the boys and girls in blue were there (in force) in minutes and caught the poor deprived souls before they could depart with their booty.

Paperwork and follow up at the station was fairly poor, but most of the blame for that is my fault for having a mong for a housemate.

And the WPC was an absolute babe, which always helps. Maybe she would help me if I lost a cat?????????

If a report of people breaking into house/car etc is recieved and the rather nice peeps doing the damage are still in the house / car then as a norm you will get an immediate response as there is a slim chance they will catch the offenders.

If you get home and report you been burgled, no chance......
ukdaytona said:
If you get home and report you been burgled, no chance......

In my case, the ex couldn't get in the front door, so went to the back, as she did the git/s went out the front.
They'd locked the front door from the inside to prevent being caught in the act, after going over a 6' fence and kicking the back door in, and did a quick runner when she found the back door open - sort of that is.
As I said the Kent fuzz were not at all interested....

TattooDog said:
ThePunisher said:
I have long believed that we should set up a paramilitary "third force" to carry out VIP CP. This new agency would be paid for by central government.

Or how about getting Salman F*cking Rushdie to pay for his own VIP Protection!

Seriously though, I can't think of a better way to spend a night than hunting pussy in Jemima Khan's place :p[/quot

Its SIR Salman Rushdie to you. Pay some respect please.