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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by whitemouse, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. I considered this as 'Current Affairs' but Diamond Lil's seems a better thread somehow.

    In the Mail today, it reports that two Police Officers were despatched to investigate a missing cat.

    Jemima Khan has wailed that her cat was 'missing' ......so 2 Met Pol officers were sent to investigate, because the cat was detailed (no pun intended) as a 'high value property'.

    Never mind the murders, muggings, robberies etc... (your own life is less worth than a an animal it appears) and you have money, and are a high profile celeb, you can get as many bobbies to run around for you as you desire, particularly if you are in the Primrose Hill set.

  2. Will give my Cousin (he in the Met) a ring tonight for you if you wish and enquire if the cat was found safe and well as I know it will weigh heavy on your mind ;-)
  3. I read the article too, it's so stupid, it's a cat, no one cares! I totally agree, what about the murders etc...
  4. Thanx, but no need, we have officers working in my building and I've been winding them up...because I was sooooooo worried about the poor pussy...... :twisted: ;)

  5. :toilet:( 'high value property' )
    High value property me thinks not, researching this as we speak as I thought that cats weren't even classed as 'property' in law, in other words, could not be damaged or stolen but were more like vermin whereas a dog could be involved in an RTA etc ........................ will update. :tp: HB
  6. :toilet: Got it, Theft Act 1968 ................................
    " Wild creatures, tamed or untamed, shall be regarded as property; but a person cannot steal a wild creature not tamed nor ordinarily kept in captivity or the carcase of any such creature, unless either it has been reduced into possession by or on behalf of another person and possession of it has not since been lost or abandoned, or another person is in course of reducing it into possession. Theft of things in action and other intangible property includes copyrights, cheques etc..............and the like.".
    I suppose that means the damn thing can be nicked, mind how you go ! :tp:
  7. Who the fuck is Jemima Khan?Apart from being Asian!
  8. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    remember that Pakistani cricketing chap... you know the one.... the all rounder.....used to be quite good????

    Well its his missus.

    Obviously before she started shagging Hugh Grant that is........
  9. If she asked nicely enough, I would rush round and look for her pussy.

  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    'Fraid not - daughter of Sir James Goldsmith; ex-wife of Imran Khan (current on/off beau of Hugh Grant).

    Jemima Khan
  11. Thanks for setting it straight for me.
  12. Hardly surprising...in 2006, the Met spent over £300 million investigating crimes such as rape, murder, theft etc. But in the same time period, they spent over half a BILLION on VIP Close Protection.

    I have long believed that we should set up a paramilitary "third force" to carry out VIP CP. This new agency would be paid for by central government. That would free up millions of pounds and thousands of coppers to protect the public.

    I set up a e-petition on the no10 site(ThirdForce)but I'm not going to hold my breath; the VIP's will always get the best protection from the police that money can buy. The Poor Bloody Taxpayers get the crumbs from the table. :thumbdown:
  13. Maybe my avatar's got something to do with it?? Honest...I didn't know it were her pussy!!!! :whew:
  14. Run a google search, and you'll spot the flaw in that assumption.

    Lets face it, I would. I'm not convinced she'd reciprocate though...
  15. ..... releasing money by cutting police, security service and armed forces budgets.......
  16. That is just SO cynical, negative...and accurate.

    Although I think you'll find our "elite" are always willing to find money to pay for THEIR security.

    When it comes to keeping MP's etc safe, money's to object. :shakefist:
  17. On a more positive policing note:

    The old boy next door to me spotted the local chavs breaking into my house a few days ago, called the cops, and the boys and girls in blue were there (in force) in minutes and caught the poor deprived souls before they could depart with their booty.

    Paperwork and follow up at the station was fairly poor, but most of the blame for that is my fault for having a mong for a housemate.

    And the WPC was an absolute babe, which always helps. Maybe she would help me if I lost a cat?????????
  18. Or how about getting Salman F*cking Rushdie to pay for his own VIP Protection!

    Seriously though, I can't think of a better way to spend a night than hunting pussy in Jemima Khan's place :p
  19. Police caught and charged Chavs?!?!

    Pain in chest...left arm going numb... :angel12:
  20. Our put it out to the Private Sector!

    PMC's: if they are good enough for Iraq, they're good enough for the cnuts who made the mess in the first place. :threaten:

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