Police officer 'set dog on man'

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by ukdaytona, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. Was the car thief seen trying to run away whilst wearing a pair of coveralls with a childs mattress gaffer taped around his arm?

    Apparently, that really winds the police dog up!
  2. The old days of criminals giving themselves up with the cry of Ok guv it's a fair cop, have gone.
    The officer was arresting a suspect who had already failed to stop when ordered. What was he supposed to do play pat a cake with the scummy sod?
  3. He set the dog on the guy - well it is cheaper than dog food!

    Give him a medal and a bottle of port!!!!

    This is ghostrider requesting a fly-past........
  4. Marvelous how they find video footage is it not!

    Should have ripped his wedding tackle off that way we would not be supporting his future kids on benefit!

    Do hope the dog had a booster later in case of infection.
  6. Yes Slim ,can`t trust `em anymore, they used to go around with a mask covering their eyes, a striped shirt and a stick over their shoulder with a bag marked SWAG on the end. Nowadays you don`t know who`s who.
  7. Cleared on the actual bodily harm and the perverting the course of justice, but done for careless driving - £500 fine and 9 points.
  8. PC Deano Walker QPM, ....... looks good.
    I can remember loving that piece of a movie (I think a Tom Hanks one) with a police dog gently holding a hoods wedding tackle ........ and just waiting for the command
  9. as he was not authorised to take part in pursuits

    I thought that was the job description!!!! For fecks sake the UK is one joke!!!
  10. Q,How many Bobbies does it take to smash an egg?
    A,Non Sarge it fell down the stairs
  11. Yeah and the coppers were easy to notice too eh!


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