Police joke number two.


War Hero
This bloke gets tugged for speeding, he's been caught bombing past a school at 80mph. The copper walks up and says "Excuse me sir do you realise the speed you were doing?"

"Yes officer"

"Is it you vehicle sir?"

"No officer, I've carjacked it"

"Eh?" says the copper

"Yeah, ******* nicked it just now. But she put up a fight so I had to shoot the bitch. Thats why I'm speeding I gotta get rid of the body from the boot"

"You shot her?!" Says a stunned and slightly scared officer of the law.

"Aye, I got me gun here" And the man leans over to the glove box.

"Stay there!" screams the policeman as he runs for his own car.

A breif radio conversation and blue light run later the man's car is surrounding by armed police who call the man out and pat him down. After this they search the car, find nothing and start to question him about the gun and the body.

"So where's the womans body?" syas one officer

"What body?" replies the man

"My colleague said you admitted to shooting a woman and were going to dispose of the body. He said you shot her, stole her car and had the gun in the glove box"

"What" says the man looking rather stunned "He'll be telling you I was ******* doing 80 past a school next".

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