Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jun 20, 2008.

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    09:00 - 20 June 2008

    A Neath drug dealer tried to hide heroin from the police by putting it under his foreskin.But the substance came to light when Gareth Lee Sparkes was searched after being arrested in March.

    The discovery of the heroin was described yesterday, when 28-year-old Sparkes was jailed for more than five years at Swansea Crown Court.

    Sparkes, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to two offences of possessing heroin with the intention of supplying it.

    Dyfed Thomas, prosecuting, said Sparkes was granted bail after being arrested for drug dealing on February 28 in Sand Lane, Briton Ferry.

    But 12 days later he was re-arrested when detectives raided a house in Old Road, Neath.

    At the address, Sparkes was found in possession of 3.67 grams of heroin with a street value of up to £720. Some of this was in his sock, the court heard. He had concealed the rest under his foreskin.

    His guilty plea was on the basis that he had been dealing in the drug to fund his own addiction to it. The court heard that Sparkes had a long record of criminal convictions.

    Judge Christopher Morton jailed him for five years and four months - and said that if he had contested the charges and been found guilty by a jury, the sentence would have been eight years.

    Co-defendant in the case was David Glyndwr Hughes, aged 33, of Herbert Road, Neath. He admitted that at various times between January and March he allowed his then home in Old Road to be used for selling heroin.

    Hughes also admitted one offence of simple possession of the drug. His barrister, Mark Spackman, said user Hughes had been supplied with the drug by Sparkes in return for allowing him to use the address for dealing.

    Judge Morton gave Hughes an 18-month community order with 250 hours of unpaid work.

    just as well he was Welsh and not Jewish :thumright:
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    That's unusual; dealer's usually stick crack up their rectums - that's why it's called "good shit"! :wink:
  3. I didn't think Sparkes was a Jewish name.
  4. Maybe he was making love to his special sock and some of the powder bacame lodged under his fore-and-aft-skin? :eek:mfg:
  5. I understood that is where you place it

    You buy some, put it under the foreskin and rub it well in until
    an ecstatic high is achieved

    I thought that is why SPB Always thinks I am a wanker

    Jack McH
  6. Being an experienced drug worker what a stupid bit of information to put n this web site! What it fails to say is that if you rub "it" in like this - the end result may well be that your willie drops off!!!
  7. Being an experienced drug worker what a stupid bit of information to put n this web site! What it fails to say is that if you rub "it" in like this - the end result may well be that your willie drops off!!!
  8. I suppose it bears repeating.....

    Im sorry, but anyone dumb enough to stick drugs on their bell end, other than Canesten or KY super lube moly slip, whether they saw it on "this website" or read it in the ooze-boots-are-those-shooz weekly, deserves to be removed from the gene pool. Now a good old methadone suppository, you can stick that right up your arse.
  9. Also being an experience drugs worker(without a stutter) but possibly approaching the problem from a different angle. If his Willy fell off it would be a result as he would instantly be removed from the gene pool of mankind.

    If it happens get all of them to do it. Can someone start a research programme about the ladies placing controlled substances in intimate places please.

  10. You may be a counselor but you obviously don't take information in very well.
    Where in the article does it mention rubbing it in?
    He was hiding it.
  11. I think he was responding to:

    I agree with Nutty; get them all to do it and stop the buggers from breeding.
  12. Reminds me of the trend a few years ago in Yorkshire for dissolving ecstasy tablets in a solution and injecting it between the teeth.

    The practice was known as "E by gum"
  13. :)

    Jack McH
  14. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Good 1 forest.

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