Police Dogs Die in Car In Heatwave

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Backpacker1uk, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. If they can't suspend him as a copper why don't they they nick him as a civvie?

    The bastard.
  2. RSPCA are investigating him and say it doesn't matter that he's a Cop, it will be investigated to see what action can be taken. A fine and or prison.
    He's a right Pillock either way. :oops:
  3. They are quick enough to prosecute civvies, I hope he gets the punishment deserved.
  4. As sad as it is the person responsible was a policeman/woman. (PC correct?) As a punishment will probably only get extra unpaid work in the Dog Watches.(not wishing to sound too glib).
    Previous knowledge of the Nottingham police they're almost as bad as the Met are portrayed. And that was as a witness. :cry:
  5. This is disgusting! Why are the laws and punishments there in the first place when they don't use them on the people that deserve them???? I'm appalled
  7. Good job my wife can't get hold of them. We have lost more friends, had more arguments over abuse to animals.

    These coppers are trained dog handlers and are aware of the welfare and duties regards their dogs.

    As such they should be removed off dogs, minimum sentence. Dismissal should be the order of the day.
  8. Unforgivable carelessnes whether the PC was on duty or not.If he/she does not resign he/she should be sacked for gross negligence.
  9. He should be sacked for such an outrageous act of barbarity and then be locked in a sauna for a few hours.
  10. Like others on here...can't imagine he did it on purpose but utterly stupid....and should be made to sit in a shop window with a fur coat on for two hours......people just don't think about animals enough in their own context....

    Vet on radio 4 described what happens to dogs when they hit 40 degrees this morning.....horrible way to die.
  11. He will get off with it though.

    He'll just claim that the dogs fell down stairs.
  12. I concur. On early Wednesday morning I was taken into my local A&E with breathing difficulties suffering from heat exhaustion after spending the whole of Tuesday in a supposedly air conditioned office that reached 29C and my body temperature somehow rising another 8C. Those dogs would have passed though that state before progressing onto heat stroke, where the body reaches & exceeds 40C and the tissue begins to break down. One sign of this is excruciating muscle cramps. Not a pleasant way to die.

    I hope the PC responsible will face sanctions. Luckily as the RSPCA were summoned and are leading the investigation with a view to prosecution, that looks possible. I suspect that had the dogs not been in a civvy car his colleagues wouldn't have reported it - or is my cynicism about canteen culture too extreme? :roll:

    I like the earlier suggestion that said PC should be forced to wear a thick fur coat in a hot shop window for a couple of hours. Half an hour would be sufficient. The danger is he might enjoy the nurses in A&E placing him in a cold ice bath to rapidly cool him down :evil: :roll:

    PS: I liked the female nurses on Wednesday - very efficient, very professional and they probably saved my life!
  13. Hope you're recovering well. In future stay 8)
  14. As a former Police trained dog handler specialising in explosive detection, and having completed courses with Durham and Lancashire Constabulary;- Nothing surprises me. I have worked with and competed with the dog sections of all services; and some of the thickest . stupid macho cnuts I have ever met were dog handlers I'm ashamed to admit. Some hid behind their dogs to make up for the small size of their cocks.
  15. Obviously not. Their statements almost suggest it wasn't their fault. You can say it was an accident, but they still left them in the car.

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