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Pole dancing lessons for Guzz 12 year olds.


War Hero
OK, it was in the Wail on line, but flippin' heck, as we used to say....... :blob4:

A dance school has been criticised for offering pole-dancing lessons to children as young as 12.
The Art of Dance pole dance and burlesque school in Plymouth, Devon, has been accused of teaching children to 'parade like strippers'.

But it insists that the classes are simply aimed at making the youngsters fitter and stronger.

Read more: Uproar as dance school offers pole dancing lessons for children as young as 12 | Mail Online

So, planning early for the next tranche of strippers at Diamond Lil's (RIP) or wherever then!! Well done - fine entreprenurial skils there methinks! ;-P


It will give the the skills required to get a job at 18 won't it? They're all Slags in guzz anyway.

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Lets hope they teach them the etiquette of football as well.

I Watched the womens cup final but not once when a goal was scored did they whip their shirts off. Frigid cows.


War Hero
I thought pole dancing was a code for shaggin, used in polite company
I wondered why it was being used on here.:-D
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