POLC now SRCC at Collingwood

According to the blurb on the web, I see that the 4 week Petty Officer Leadership Course is now the 2 week SRCC at Collingwood.

Does anyone know if this course is still open to civvies?
I did mine in 93 when civvies were being offered the chance of looking ridiculous in a beret :)


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According to RNTM 221/07 the SRRCC (ex-POLC) conducted at the Royal Naval Leadership Academy (East) (RNLA(E)), HMS Collingwood is (and has been for many years) a 4-week "consolidatoin of an individual's Command, Leadership and Management (CLM) experiences and provides further study of leadership and manaement theor based upon Blanchard's Situational Leadership II model."

Although there civilian accredited leadership and management courses conducted by RNLA staff at weekends, they are not the full LRCC or SRCC syllabus.

The only change with Command Courses is that the LRCC was extended to 3 weeks, with effect from 31 Mar 08.

If you have access to the MOD intranet, "MWS - RNLA(E)" has a dedicated website.
Thnx Sgt P

According to http://www.royal-navy.mod.uk/server/show/ConWebDoc.9681 is is a two week course

..Ahh nuts - what a badly worded document. It then goes onto mention RNR. Hmm, can't find any reference to the 4 week course though.

Am a Civvy now so don't have access to the MOD intranet. Well I hope I don't! :)
Lujon, it was just a subject that came up in a conversation with someone who is doing a management course in her own time (i.e. weekends and evenings and all paper based studying too - so hardly "practical")

Never mind back to work
Trust me its still 4 weeks, only finished it last week.
The latest from the school is they want to extend the course to 5 weeks, so the rumours that its goin down to 3 are way off the mark.
There were lots of civvies using the school at the weekend while i was there.
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