POLC Black Mountains Route


Lantern Swinger
Hi All,

I do mountain marathons (badly). Next year my present work schedule means I can't enter the ones I'd like to do. So as an alternative I thought my oppo and I could do a POLC Black Mountains all pointer, revisiting our 1987 POLC trip.

I know Royal Arthur is long gone and now it's the SRLC and Exercise Brecon Beacons but does anyone have a copy of the old points I could get a copy of?

I'm pretty certain I've found the old start on the map and know roughly the ridges and valleys it covered but would like to have the original points to make it more of an orienteering challenge. Particularly as they forced height loss and gain.

Cheers Wurz


Lantern Swinger
Thanks Rachel.
I've seen that site before. I have the numbers for RNLA from BR3 part 5 but am working off Angola at the mo but may give them a bell when I'm home in a fortnight.
Anyone know how to turn a intranet email address into a civvy one or is it not possible? That way I could just drop them a line.

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