Polaris boats Reunion anyone ?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Nicks, Sep 2, 2006.

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  1. Looking through a few of these threads and I have been to a SOCA reunion at Dolphin a few years ago it strikes me that there is no Reunion for us old Bomber Queens.

    So if anyone fancies a get together sometime to swap dits about our long and happy patrol times put your name to this thread and we can see how many we can muster and take it from there.

    Thanks for your time in reading this thread.

    Nick (Ex MCC Revenge Port 78 - 81 )
  2. I was on Bombers . Last reunion I was at half the attendees were bomber crew members at one time --till they could get off to better boats LOL

    Mind you the sea shore ratio with the two crews was a bonus and I did enjoy my time on them .[71-82 ]
  3. Went over to Rosyth to see them recently. Went onto Renown for a bit of a tour. Bit sat really when you remeber wot they used to look like. Would be forst in line to take one back out again!!!!!
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I know that the Repulse has a Reunion Association and their web-site can be found here - I don't know whether they'd be able to put you in touch with a general Polaris boats group.
  5. So is it possible to get a look round one of the old boats still?
  6. ....... us old Bomber Queens.

    Should that be taken with a pinch of salt? :lol:

    Forgive the humour, it's let me down all my life.
  7. some one had better tell dabs why they call you bomber queens,Soca reunions are held in faslane once a month drop me a line and ill get you the details
  8. Served on Renown 75 to 82 Resolution 88 to 90 and again 93 to destruction in 95 took her into Rosyth. one index on Repulse.

    Also served on Warspite 86 to 88 4 months in the Med, it was the dogs Boll**ks.
  9. OK, I'm still listening. Bomber Queen, go on.

    One other thing. If the Yanks invented the nuclear sub and call the Polaris/Tridents things 'Boomers', then why do our blokes call them 'Bombers'? Did we fcuk up or something? :?
  10. I remember when an AVRO Vulvan was the epitome of what was considered to be a bomber. :?
  11. I don,t think a lot are bothered,seeing how many lads served on bombers its a shame that more don,t get in touch.Anyway this is good for me cause i,ve just got back from my local and am a bit weary.UP SPIRITS.
  12. Had a tour round them aswell few years ago..was all aranged for guys still in the mob not sure if they would let anyone else onboard but then again you dont get what you dont ask for so give it a go
  13. If you zoom in on google map you can see them tied along side
  14. Maybe it was like the difference between "Bomber Command" and "Fighter Command" in the RAF - both on the same side, but doing different roles. The Elmers could never get their heads around that one.
  15. ahoy all you old bomber queens Renown 68/72,Revenge 72/73 ish was I and a reunion sounds gooooood to me!!!!!!!!!! many happy days shipmates.

  16. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Check out friendsreunited, theres a section for the armed forces. All 4 bombers are named and quite a few ex members
  17. I would love to see some form of reunion. I was Reso Port 82-87, Reso Stbd 90 to Gold crew then took her into Rosyth to payoff. Lots of drunken happy memories.

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