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Navy Herione at South Pole

This sort of thing really grips my sh1t!
Plucky Polly dragging her sledge to the South Pole, while bootnecks are being shot on the streets of Basra or in some god foresaken hole in Helmand province. I wish I could get months off work for AT, oh no hold on, I'm a bloke and I've got to help get my *OPERATIONAL* boat to sea, through workup and on to a deployment.
And thank you to the currant bun for describing her as a herione, instantly devaluing those true heroes who are now sadly no longer with us.
Well done Polly for showing what a wonderfully well balanced modern service we are by stripping to your bikini at the South Pole, score one for the women who threw themselves in front of horses to get the vote, or burnt their bras for women's lib.

BZ girl, BZ
Where do we draw the line!!

WW2 peoples where getting blown to gawd knows where. Back home peoples where going to the pub movies theatre.

The show must go on as they say. One day you go to a funeral the next day a christening. It is called life!!

Totally agree about heroes/heroines this has been discussed before about true heroes. Lifeboat personnel to name just one group of unsung heroes.

Those poor souls of the coast of Ireland one boat goes down and another that went out to the rescue also perished. Bless!!

Totally pissed off hearing about Beckhams transfer. Not gone for the money he states if that's the case go do unpaid charity work for twelve months. More wants more as they say.

Hope the seps are happy with there latest immigrant. They are in the right place for nutters looking to have there name in lights!!


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fails, what about the recent trip to the South Pole by 3 booties and a RN doc? Were they loafing? Or is it the fact that it is a women that bothers you?

I think that there have only been 2 years since WW2 when no Brit serviceman has been killed in action, so does that mean that the forces should never do AT or anything else? And I think I read on Arrse that her husband is a RN helicopter pilot in Iraq so she is fully aware of the risks servicemen and women face.

By the way, she is wearing a bikini because she (I believe) is raising money for breast cancer awareness, so good for her. That takes guts at the south pole!


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higthepig said:
As Bootneck Yank stated in another forum, is that pose bringing the Royal Navy into disrepute? She is a Lieutenant after all.

Come on! I have seen booties wearing less on run ashores in Union Street!
She was raising money for charity. Good for her.
Well, as a hairy arsed lad who couldn't even get time off to do Field Gun back in the day, my view kinda sides with Fails_As_Is.

I'm sure that A) being blonde and female and B) an Officer, might just have helped her case when she threw that one into the bosses in tray.

As for the Bikini pose, anyone who thinks that has anything to do with Breast Cancer awareness is f'kin delusional. It has everything to do with a good pic however. I am friends with a lady who survived breast cancer, and she wears the t-shirt and the pin badge. I think that would have sufficed, Holly dear.
Yep, heard of it. Thats Bras, not bikinis. MASSIVE difference.

One is about awareness of a terrible disease and the place it strikes on the body.

The other is about titillation.

Your call as to whats what.


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To quote from the Sun:

"Polly, of Yeovilton, Somerset — who is married to a Royal Navy pilot — plans to auction the cuddly toy on eBay to raise funds for breast cancer research...As well as publicising breast cancer research..."

Women wearing bras for breat cancer awareness is relatively common. Why is this any different? If anything a bikini is less titillating. Are you saying she can't go to the beach as that would be titillating?

She has achieved a great deal (could you do it? I'm sure I can't) for a good cause.
Wheel-spanner said:
Yep, heard of it. Thats Bras, not bikinis. MASSIVE difference.

One is about awareness of a terrible disease and the place it strikes on the body.

The other is about titillation.

Your call as to whats what.

Sorry WS, I do hate to disagree, but as a woman who has known breast cancer in the family I firmly believe that anything, anything that can be done to raise awareness of this disease and funds for the irradication thereof is to be applauded. If it helps I did Race for Life in rig this year for the same cause!
slim said:
I think a lot of guys forget that breast cancer can affect either sex!

Very true Slim!!

Friend who I walked a 34ml charity walk with was told her husband has breast cancer he is a good man met him a few times. Spoke to him just before Christmas he looked fine and in good humour.

Horrible disease taken so many of my friends and family!!