Poland to probe if Teletubbies are gay

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 29, 2007.

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  1. What is this? Slims 'gay news day'? :biggrin:
  2. Do you understand what the Teletubbies are saying then ???
  3. I don't but perhaps the Poles do
  4. Then they should write a bloody book of translations - would make a mint from it
  5. Just as long as no one tells the kids, we need to shelter them from the gay plague, no wonder it is becoming more prevailant.
  6. Of course, this could be read another way and one could ask what kind of probe they will be using on the Tellytubbies or will La-La still be saying La-La at the end of the probing session ??
  7. FFS!!!!!...this is going too far eh??Fcuking Polish twats got nothing better to do?? What is this World coming to!!!
  8. I dread to think what they get up to with Noo-Noo when the cameras aren't rolling.
  9. pmsl.... so its all men responding to this thread.... there is your answer.
    you men watch utter crap........ and you even know the names of the tubbies... how sweet........

    (runs hides)
  10. Well there bound to be one calle 'OW That FCUKING Hurt' by the time the probe is done

  11. Tinky-Winky is gay!I am desolate!!!!!
  12. Chin up, andy: just because he carries a handbag doesn't mean he's gay! I think you have to like having sex with your own gender for that, don't you? :D
  13. I am just shocked,i thought he was the 1st Androgenous kiddies personality!!!!
  14. Tinky-Winky and his Crew might not prove to be very popular in Poland...

  15. LOL. Come here and let me slap your paw BBD!!! :)
  16. Everyone has known for years that Tinky Winky licked the reverse side of the stamp!
    The Poles, bless 'em have lately come into the game.
  17. Probably something like meet Liberace, you're in his mess. He'll show you where your bunk is and introduce you to the killick of the mess, nice boy name of Freddy Mercury.
    Divisions fall in at 0730 Mince past at 0800.
  18. I don't carry a handbag... therefore I suggest the purple tubby is actually a transvestite... like all those men who wear women's dresses and call themselves Father. Mind you, the Pope wears rather a nice white number. :twisted:

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