Poland to probe if Teletubbies are gay

Of course, this could be read another way and one could ask what kind of probe they will be using on the Tellytubbies or will La-La still be saying La-La at the end of the probing session ??
pmsl.... so its all men responding to this thread.... there is your answer.
you men watch utter crap........ and you even know the names of the tubbies... how sweet........

(runs hides)
AfterSSE said:
Wonder what old St Pete is going to say.... :threaten:
Probably something like meet Liberace, you're in his mess. He'll show you where your bunk is and introduce you to the killick of the mess, nice boy name of Freddy Mercury.
Divisions fall in at 0730 Mince past at 0800.
I don't carry a handbag... therefore I suggest the purple tubby is actually a transvestite... like all those men who wear women's dresses and call themselves Father. Mind you, the Pope wears rather a nice white number. :twisted:

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