Points earned towards DQs.


The New MOD regime might like to consider adding the DQs Points earned to the Poster's Profile and also have those Points listed them below the Poster's Post count where the Oxygen Thief tag once appeared.

That way all could see who's standing into danger and avoid (or taunt?) that Poster as the case might dictate.
Or be a complete c*** like me and be posted to DQ's and key is thrown away...apologies made and new ID sorted.
In Fairness, Stirls, I think they acted too hastily in your situation and realised that afterwards by bringing in the new routine of DQ points and limited postings.

So your martyrdom as 'Stirling' changed the previously far too draconic 'rules'.

Gotta be a BZ there for both you and the new Mods!

Oh and I think the recent Finks vs Peppa case must have created some impact, too.
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DQ's is the RR equivalant of ROP's on ARRSE, which has been running for some time now. The CO's decided that it was working well on ARRSE, so it should be implemented here as well. It's a good idea as the only option you had before was to ban someone. In relation to infractions, if someone is crayoning, belming etc, the errant poster will be given a point. If the poster gets 5 points, he's on DQ's. This means he can only send one PM and only post in the Gash Barge, nowhere else (hence the sticky set up there). In relation to how many points someone has, this can be seen by the CO's and the MOD's.

There has been some talk about the current moderation that is now in place and that it is quite severe in the serious fora, such as Joining Up. Now we all know that bone questions are going to be asked, but ganging up on newbies and having a dig is hardly beneficial to the future of the site. We've all been guilty of this but let's be honest, we've all asked a question or two before we joined up that would have been considered bone by someone who has been there, seen it, done it. Granted, there will still be some tedious people that don't use the search function, but people should try (hard as it might be) to be civil in answering, or just don't answer at all. In a nutshell, crayoning or baiting will not be tolerated in the Joining up section. The same with Current Affairs. So many threads have been derailed with tedious comments and crayoning. No-one is saying don't be funny, just keep it on topic.

As for Lil's, nothings really changed. The rules have been updated, as have the rules for the barge (yes, there are some rules there too). If people are wanting to let off steam, keep it in Lil's. If the standards start to slip, this site will become like ARRSE. That's the last thing we want.


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...So your martyrdom as 'Stirling' changed the previously far too draconic 'rules'...
Oh really? That would imply that Stirling/AAF self-sacrificed something for a particular cause... :shock:

Oh and I think the recent Finks vs Peppa case must have created some impact, too.
Not at all; Finks was suspended - not banned (at his own taunting request, if you may recall) - in order to give him some time to contemplate the consequence of his behaviour. His continual allegations against Moderators for their own conduct has resulted in advice that they are reported to the Administration as necessary. To date, I am unaware of any complaints being submitted or of any Moderators being reprimanded for their conduct (including me, for suspending him in the first place).

The DQs/ROPs procedure was brought in according to the circumstances described by BR, above. But the fact that Finknottle continues to crayon his way through threads, resulting in further infractions, proves that he learned nothing from his aforementioned suspension... :roll:
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At least some explanation from BR about the changes going on, not all I feel good, by someone I consider fairer than some. I suppose a lot did ask questions before joining up, no computers or Wiki in 1958, though.Its as if people do not research the joining up subject, or ask questions as and when they start the trail. It seems such a long winded affair now. Will have to carry on I guess and see how it all pans out.


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Or be a complete c*** like me and be posted to DQ's and key is thrown away...apologies made and new ID sorted.
There are, of course, some people who think Rum Ration has been set up purely for their own personal delight and that no consideration should be given to other users, whatsoever. DQs is a method of giving some education to said users; if they are too thick to be educated then the site is better off without them.

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