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War Hero

This reminded me of something I posted on "the other site". Repeated here:

"In 1995, I was at Mombasa airport waiting for a helicopter to get me and a couple of others to HMS Exeter off Mogadishu. The plan was to use US Navy/US Marine Corps aircraft to get us to the ship via USS Big B*stard. and return via another carrier in due course.

"The US contingent at Mombasa were located away from the civilian airport buildings, and comprised a hangar or two and assorted US Navy and US Marine Corps personnel. It was quite a lengthy wait, and hot, and we drank plenty of water. Not surprisingly in due course we had a requirement to use the heads ( or head, as the Yanks insisted).

"No aircon, and the facilities whiffed a bit. There were the usual little disinfectant blocks in the urinals. It was gratifying, though, to see see that traditional banter was alive and well between the US sailors and marines; a notice over the urinals stated:

"Hey, Jarhead, don't eat the candy!"