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War Hero


War Hero
Last time I went there (won't go again as it is a dump) - could not find a single MM pork pie in any of the shops - gen dit
I used to visit the place in the 80s - I thought it a pleasant enough little town. Can't remember any port pies, but there was a small delicatessen shop which sold Stilton cheese; you could get "mis-shaped" cheeses for about a quarter the price of the "perfect" ones.


War Hero
I have only passed through there twice (in 1981), on the same journey (going and coming back), taking a cadet from Aberystwyth to Cranditz for the semi-finals of the Inter-Services Cadet Swimming Championships. I didn't stop but ended up looking like a Yeti after walking through the falling snow from a car park to a pub for lunch in Stamford.


War Hero
Used to park up there when I drove for Oakley Transport in the '80's.
We loaded Pedigree petfoods out of Asfordby Storage for delivery to supermarkets in South Wales. Had many a piss up there on a Friday night, good pubs and chippies for a small town. Best 'Vale of Melton' pork pies were from a butcher's shop in Grantham.