Pointless signs - meaningless, daft or just plain nonsense


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I’ve done a fair amount to avoid the plague. Months and months of hotel confinement, confined to rooms, escorted to and from rooms ,tested and detained on arrival for up to 6 hours after a 20 hr day, then tested beyond that 5 to 6 times a month, just for doing my job. And with the added bonus of the threat of being banged up in a camp, for that is what it is, along with the family, if considered a close contact. Forget this ‘ping’ bs. In fact, I’ve done so much avoiding of it it’s cost me, and probably 50,000 others of my profession world wide, our jobs.
It’s not a plague. It’s a corona virus. A mean bastard, but a virus none the less. And now it’s endemic and we have to learn to live with it. We’ve saddled our great grand children with a debt greater than lend lease, stuffed up
cancer care, dialysis, and lord knows what else and are probably facing a mental health pandemic and suicides by the score, whilst some nations plunge their economies back to barter status. So get vaccinated, live with enhanced hygiene and move on.
End of rant.
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War Hero