Pointless signs - meaningless, daft or just plain nonsense


War Hero
The Tot was the most stable currency in the world
Some people would do a duty for you if you gave them a tot.
Need the chippy to make you a ships crest, give him a tot.
From sippers to gulpers to sandy bottoms each was part of the RN currency :)

Jack would also do dumb stunts when pissed to earn extra rum , as a fresh faced 16 yr old my first visit to the Armada Club in Terror barracks I witnessed a couple of salts betting each other to earn sippers/gulpers/sandy . '' Bet you won't eat that Chit Chat '' '' How much ? '' '' Sippers ''
'' Fcuk off '' '' Gulpers '' '' Right , your on '' ever tried to corner a Chit Chat when you are pissed ?
having failed that challenge he managed to squash a passing Bombay runner.
'' Ow much ta eat this ? '' '' Sippers '' '' Fcuk off '' '' OK gulpers '' squashed cocky popped in gob and quickly washed down with Tiger , and so it went on.


War Hero