Pointless signs - meaningless, daft or just plain nonsense


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Spotted some crap signs recently and thought there must be a lot more out there.

Here is one for openers-

On every Lothian Bus in Edinburgh:journey.jpg

As I had travelled from Glasgow, No it *&$%^£ didn't!


Somewhere in my photo archive I have a picture taken in Tiger Balm Gardens, Hong Kong. It read, "This way can go".


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Have you ever seen plastic or Styrofoam cups from hot drinks machines with a message on the side: "Warning: contents may be hot" ?

I first noticed this in Leach Building at Whale Island. The warning was probably intended to be helpful , or at least to tick the Health and Safety and Anti-Litigation boxes.

Except to read the warning normally - i.e., from left to right - you had to turn the cup on its side................arghhhh, b*******s!


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Woman at work brought in a 4 pint milk container (had a purple cap, so no milk in it really), the label on the side had a warning "contains milk" !! :confused:


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Many years ago, in Cyprus, on the road to the top of Mount Troodos.
At certain times of year, there was snow sufficient to be able to ski and then return to sea level and water-ski on the same day (allegedly).
On this occasion, however, there was no snow but there WAS a sign at the side of the road beneath some overhead power cables. It warned skiers: "Danger: when snow is deep beware overhead cables".

The sign was about 12 inches above ground level.

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