Pointless and Tatty television Programs.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 12, 2007.

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  1. So Tonight is the Eurovision song contest. Yet more crap that the BBC so wisely spend the licence payers money on.
    How much more crap do the TV companies put out in the name of entertainment?
    Lets start a list.
    1. Eurovision song contest
    2. Big Brother
    3. The Apprentice.

    Is the list endless?
    The decision is yours. I could have put an 09 something number so that you could ring it and I could earn a sh!tload of money from your votes, when of course the crappiest program on the box has already been chosen.
    But I guess nobody on RR has ever fallen for that one, have they? :)
  2. Cash In the Attic
    Bargain Hunt
    Trading Up

    The list is endless, and they all seem to have that twatty balding cockney geezer as host.
  3. Any and all "reality" programmes,along with progs about houses and DIY.
  4. So Jade Goody screaming 'Get me out of here I'm a celebrity...', whilst simutaneously polishing her dancing shoes for 'Strictly come here I'm a bigot', whilst she has Colin & Justin prancing about in 'What not to Wear' oops sorry 'How not to decorate', because we will all get a complex according to the 'Diet Doctors', but will rise again because of the 'X factor', in readiness for the 'Backyard Blitz' of the 'Big Brother' house???

    Andy I don't understand you at all :)
    NB Will now throw television guide in the bin!!!
  5. I don't care what TV programs they drop as long as they keep the adverts.
    Most of them are better than the programs which keep interupting them.
  6. Tv is pointless...don't have one. Go down the pub instead.
  7. My TV has an off and on switch :wink:
    Actually I prefer radio and a good book. I suppose it's a generational thing.
  8. I think this subject should be renamed ITV
  9. No SHI TV
  10. Trisha, Jeremy Kyle, Jerry Springer and so on. TV for trailer trash.
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Emmerdale, East Enders, Coronation Street, Neighbours etc etc
  12. I don't actually own a TV so can't really comment too much.

    Used to but it spent most of it's life switched off.

    I did enjoy the first couple of series of The Apprentice, but what I've seen of this series is garbage.

    I listen to the radio most of the time, Radio 4 by preference, and I can watch DVDs in my laptop so that's enough for me. I access the news online and I get The Economist delivered so that keeps me up to date.

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