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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Tas-ape, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. Income tax officer asked a
    prostitute why she put her occupation down
    as a poultry farmer.
    She replied, I raised five hundred cocks last year!

    Wife says to
    husband. Had a wet dream about you last night. He
    REALLY! Yeah she says, you got hit by a bus and I pissed myself

    Two asian heroin addicts have injected curry powder by
    mistake. They
    are both in intensive care. One has a dodgy tikka
    and the other is in a korma!

    Congratulations mobile phone user, you
    have won a pakistaini baby.
    If you fail to collect your prize within fourteen
    days - we will send

    Just been sacked from
    my new job at the wines & spirits section at
    Asda's. A paki came in
    and asked me if I could recommend a good port.
    I said DOVER now F......

    A Polish immigrant goes 2 Specsavers for an eyetest. The
    shows him a card with the letters CZWIZNOSTACV. Can u read
    that asks
    the optician. Read it says the immigrant - I bloody know

    A little boy asked his mum "why am I black and you are white"!
    even ask she replies, when I think back to that party you are
    you dont bark!! :thumright:
  2. Did you hear about the man with 5 pen is's?
    His boxer shorts fitted him like a glove....

    OK, i'll get my coat.... TAXI !
  3. Avenue Road
    What's wrong with the old one?

    LOL that's awful, that is awful.
  4. Some more AWFUL ones for you;

    Fred: My girlfriend loves nature.
    Dave: That's very generous of her, considering what nature has done to her.


    A man went into a bar after work and ordered a beer. As he started drinking his beer, he heard a female voice saying seductively, 'You've got nice hair'. The man looked all around him but couldn't see where the voice came from. A minute later he heard the same voice saying, 'You are a handsome man.' The man was really puzzled by this so he asked the barman what was going on.
    The barman replied, 'It's the nuts - they're complimentary.'


    Who said beer won't make you smarter? It made Bud wiser!


    Q: Why didn't the Blonde have any ice cubes for her party?
    A: She lost the recipe.


    Q: What do you call a blonde with a leather jacket?
    A: A rebel without a clue.


    Two cannibals were having lunch.
    One cannibal said "your wife makes a great soup."
    "Yes" said the other one, "but I'm sure gonna miss her."

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