'Poet' is thrown out of art show

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. Is he an ex-Matelot?


    'Poet' is thrown out of art show

    A MAN was thrown out of a college show after reciting explicit poetry in front of female students.

    Police were called after the man refused to leave the Cleveland College of Art graduate preview show at Christ Church Art Gallery, Church Square, Hartlepool.

    The man had initially been chatting to students and asking if they wanted to hear his poetry at the ticket-only event that showcased work from degree students during the final year on their courses.

    But staff were alerted when the his poetry became increasingly bizarre and littered with sexual references and abusive language.

    He was asked by exhibitions manager Ed Norton if he had a ticket and was asked to leave the building after he could not produce a ticket.

    Police were called and attended the scene, but the man had run off down Church Street by the time they arrived after he was ejected from the venue.
    One shocked onlooker Emma Lee, 34, from Ryhill Gardens Hartlepool, said: "The show was really good, people had put in so much hard work and it was a shame that this man caused problems on the night when the artists were celebrating their achievements."

    Tricia McKenzie, programme leader at Cleveland College of Art and Design, said: "The incident happened very quickly, early on in the evening and was dealt with professionally and without causing disruption. Ed Norton was extremely professional and I would extend my thanks to him.

    "The work put in this year is of an extremely high standard and some of our students will be taking their work to a prestigious exhibition in at the Business Design Centre in London in July. I am very proud of them all."

    A spokesman for Hartlepool Borough Council, which runs the Christ Church Art Gallery, said: "A man had entered the event without invitation and was acting very inappropriately.

    "He was asked to leave by a member of gallery staff, became verbally abusive and was promptly escorted from the building.

    "The incident was over within a couple of minutes and certainly did not spoil what was a marvellous evening."

    A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said: "It was a minor incident where there was a verbal altercation.

    "No offence was committed."
  2. It say's "One shocked onlooker from Hartlepool"

    F*ck off, they used to send jack up there to learn how to swear.

    Unless it was a 4year old. :wink: :wink: :wink: :D

    Or a Monkey 8O
  3. Looking that way.. Most likely a ex Pompey rating, those I met were given to waxing lyrical and tend to be more articulate.....then again Where was RJ on the night in question? :roll:
  4. You've looked up my service No ain't you? go on be honest. :D :D
  5. To be quite honest Yes I have! Got to PJ/X 01 and looked no further.
    The answer was in your superlative dialogue. :lol:
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    At least we know where Hig was
  7. Nothing ; will ever surprise me about dear old British West Hartlepool. I am still in deep therapy after a spell on R.A. in Seaton Crewe at reserve fleet. The culture shock was traumatic even for a seeker of the lowest common denominator like me.
  8. What when you found out they ain't got any? 8O

    Mind you there's some really great looking monkey's. :D :D
  9. I must apologise a fraction Jesse. I was given to believe that you were the lowest common denominator.
  10. Why?
    Why do you hate denomin's, have they ever hurt you?
    Like they turn up at your house acting abusively, or send you hate mail.
    My god!!! 8O :D

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