Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Sapientia, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. I was looking in a old gunnery manual and I found on the flyleaf, in beautifull faded sepia copperplate writing the following.

    Oh Lord above send down a dove,
    Wiv wings as sharp as razers
    To cut the froats of all the whores
    What gives the pox to sailors!

    I thought it was funny anyway.
  2. It was also printed in the flyleaf of a WW2 naval novel called 'Send down a dove', but was written as:

    O Lord above
    Send down a dove
    With wings as sharp as razors
    To cut the throats
    Of them there Blokes
    Wot sells bad beer to sailors

  3. It also has Irish Nationlist connertations:

    >'May the lord above send down a dove
    With teeth as sharp as razors,
    To cut the throats of those English dogs
    That shot our Irish leaders.'<

    Tom Lewis uses the sailor version as the choures in his song "The Sailors Prayer."

  4. Teeth? :toothy5:
  5. Didn't you know doves has teeth? o_O

    Here's one who's just bitten JP2 on the tongue.....

  6. If you go to the Three Crowns Olly and Lil have that poem on the wall.


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