POCs at MWS Collingwood - today

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by alfred_the_great, Jul 20, 2010.

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  1. Nice to see you all in the Wardroom, but please try to look not so scared of us all. Me saying hello, and you scuttling away, doesn't provide the best impression of a potential Naval Officer.

    I hope you had a good afternoon, and I apologise for the rubbish pay as you starve food.....
  2. Perhaps if you'd brushed your teeth, or at least gargled with mouthwash, they wouldn't have scuttled away so rapidly....
    However, seeing some of the Candidates attending AIB ambling off the Gosport ferry avec thumb up bum, and brain in neutral, I despair at the future of the RN... must be my age
  3. Sfub - harsh, yet you seem to know me!

    All kinds of concerns over new entrants to the RN, not just from old farts like you!
  4. Don't worry too much about the new box of occifers, I'm pretty sure that the comments made by you and many others (Guilty as charged) have been repeated over the years. However once the RN training system has sorted them out, got rid of the dross then the remainder will probably make the grade. :p
  5. We have a training system?! Even in the 11 years I've been in, BRNC has been gutted, our system of Fleet Training destroyed, and the level of specialist training is under continual pressure to justify "resource". It's a f*cking joke, and if it didn't directly effect our OC, I would be laughing loudest.....
  6. Old farts? I'm a mere youth of 41... although my beard has gone distinguished rather than black. I know my old man used to say that it wasn't the navy he joined, but that was in 1956. It's not the navy he left either. If I hear one more reference to the CofC as "management" rather than "rank/rate/appointmant", I will kill. The RN, like the other branches of the military are a uniformed and supposedly disciplined service, not some faceless bloody conglomerate. Aaaaaaaand breath, Sfub, breath.
  7. I joined the RN in 1963 and the leading rates and senior rates then were decrying the standard of new entries. To be fair when I achieved the lofty rate of leading hand and the even loftier position of petty occifer I too decried the lower standards that we were expected to work with.
    However earlier this year I had the pleasure of spending a day at sea on my old ship HMS Manchester. The ship was a pleasure to visit, the sailors, senior rates and occifers all seemed to be extremely competent and the ship perfomed well.
    So I guess while we all decry falling standards in realityJack will always prove him/her self worthy. :p

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