Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Honour_Courage_Respect, Oct 24, 2008.

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  1. Hi ive read up about the POC and am happy with everything i think.... however i was wondering would i need a watch? I know it seems a silly question and i would imagine that one would look smart.
    If you do could anyone point me in the direction of decent watches that wont break after 2 mintues of getting muddy/wet?
    Many thanks again
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    A chunky watch isn't 100% essential on POC or PRMC, however most individuals in Recruit Training seem to acquire an inexpensive G-Shock.
  3. My £140 protrek with compass altimiter etc v chunky and looked the business. i deployed to the gulf on MIOPs on ship, the innards of the watch actually melted due to the heat within 3 weeks.

    My £9.99 casio special from argos (that had features such as time, alarm, light, errrrrr that was it) lasted an entire 7 month deployment to Afghanistan and a good year after.

    Just something to think about.
  4. Aye always go for a Timex or cheapish Casio for in the field, if it gets busted who gives one.
    Save the Duty Free Rolex or.... (insert name of flash timepiece here) for trapping, birds are always impressed with a chunky watch, well they were with mine....plus I was feckin' essence.
  5. Cheers for the advice.
    I imagine during your POC interview, they will be looking for Coprs and navy knowledge. Has anyone got any tips on what sort of stuff they're after. I read up on the Corps knowledge for my interview, and the guy said after it i need to read up more on the navy side of things as well.
    I'm wondering if there's some sort of breakdown of information i'll need about both the Royal Marines and the Navy?
    Thanks again in advance
  6. If you get your Green-Lid your Dad may buy you an Omega Seamaster.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    You have to bear in mind that even those passing POC and AIB may not get selected- a couple of years back over 200 passed both & 50 started training.

    Very often candidates that manage to meet the physical & leadership expectations of POC then fall flat on their face at AIB. Many people have found the AIB thread useful. Granted there are people who have read it & failed, but if you act upon the advice offered rather than just reading it, you may increase your chance of not only passing, but also of being selected.

    Good luck.
  8. Also another quick question, which newspaper is best to be reading?
    We currently get the guardian, is there any newpaper which would be more inclined towards the armed forces news etc?
  9. You could pick up a navy news, or a globe and laurel from your local AFCO, they always seem to have a massive stack.
    Dont know what paper would be best for the politics side of things though.
  10. The issue you need to think about is diversity of coverage, you're not after a position that is ''inclined towards the AF'' but taking in different positions and being able to weigh up the various positions.

    Try to balance the Grunaid with something towards the other end of the political spectrum, I'll leave it to you to work out what that might be.

    Personally I read the Economist, the FT and the Independent.
  11. Don't read that socialist shite!
  12. i have a seamaster which went in the sea once at night couldnt see a damn thing so went back in box....! you could always try an argos sponge bob with revolving arms watch? i would think a watch was least of your worries. but if half way around the tarzan soft play facilities you need to know the time i think i would go for the spoge bob watch...all the best
  13. You need one of these:


    Practicle, durable and reliable. Mine lasted my 7 months trip to ibiza where I spent the entire time spannering out around san antonio bay scratching at my own face. Never once broke on me and I got mugged by the lucky lucky men 3 times, fell off a banana boat 7 times and collapsed in the urinal countless times ... all when i had my pocket watch on me.
  14. The Sun? Surely the 'Paper of Our Boys' should be deriguer......as toilet paper :tp: .
  15. I had the same Seiko throughout my 9 years in the Corps, which I wore 24/7. The only time I though that I'd f****d it was when I was on my Basic Para Course one of the PJI's came up to me as I was gathering my chute and said "Oi Royal, something fell out of one of your pockets during your decent"

    I checked and found all my pockets secure (like all good Booties should) then realised that my watch was no longer on my wrist.

    "F**k" I said "That was me watch you saw!"

    With that we both looked around and the PJI bent down picked something up and said "Is this it?" (how many other watches did he expect to find? Of course it was mine)

    It was still ticking away happily with no apparent damage. One of the pins in the links had given up the ghost.

    That was all back in 85, and I wore the same watch until 2001 when my wife surprised me with a Rolex Submariner. The biggest surprise was when I received my next Visa statement, as she had used my card to pay for my prezzie!

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