POC/POAC anyone doing, running or have information on these?

I did one for aircrew in September, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Fire away.

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I asked my ACLO to look into it. I think there are two a year at each air station. Possibly three. So basically get in touch with your ACLO and ask if they can get you on one. It depends on a number of things but best just to email/give them a call as soon as possible and they will forward your name to the relevant people.

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thanks! I've just popped him one, asking specifically about FAA related ones but also to see what there is available to get a feel for other branches. They will all give me something to talk about at the AIB (if I get there)!
I would be inclined to think you may only have the option of applying for one in the branch you have applied for seen as they are very sought after. How far into the selection process are you?

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What about medical? Fitness? Interview? And if you've done FAT's and the rest I highly doubt you would be able to go on one for another branch but you can always ask the question.

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I have had my eyes checked but that's as far as it goes for medical, fitness test, nope have not had a date for that yet, and i meant confirmed the date for my FAT, not actually done it yet.
Oh right that's strange. I didn't get my date for FAT's until after I had passed my interview. When's your date?

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No aha. I mean the timed 1.5 mile run on the treadmill. You'll have your medical first, then your fitness, then your interview, then AIB and then wait to see if you're selected. Not sure why you have been given a date for FAT's so early though. Either way it'll be good to get it out of the way.

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ah the "run", that generally implies fitness, off to the gym for me! I thought it was a bit odd from what I had heard from others too but I'll just roll with it, looking forward to getting things done and out the way though.
Yeah definitely start now. The last thing you want is to fail and push everything back by a few months. The process takes fricken ages without making it any longer. It'll be 20 months from when I started the process to when I join BRNC.

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I had a few snags at my first medical that took a while to iron out because of their party incompetency but take away that and I would say you're probably looking at around 9-12 months provided you pass everything first time.

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