POC for a non RM candidate


I am currently undergoing selection to be a RN MCDO (Diving Officer). I have heard the physical aspect of training is hard and that RM-levels of fitness should be aimed for.

I have had a lot of advice from RMs and a couple of divers, and they've said it might be an idea to get myself on an RM POC before AIB, just to give myself an insight into RM levels of fitness and commitment.

Do you think this is a good idea, and can a RN candidate attend POC if they do not want to become a RM? It seems an odd concept to me. Thanks.


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If you are already serving as a qualified Warfare Officer with the opportunity to undergo MCDO selection, would it not be more beneficial to witness a Pre Entry Diving Acquaint at Horsea Lake?

Failing that, if you have already passed Officer selection, the leadership elements of POC would not be as relevant as the physical aspects, so maybe an Other Rank PRMC would be more beneficial, however the swim is 50 metres rather than 1000 metres.

Another alternative would be to attend a one day Royal Marines Acquaint Day (RMAD) at a local RMR unit- it's essentially a mini, one day PRMC.

If you haven't even joined the service yet, then I'd be inclined to be focusing on passing Warfare Officer selection and training before worrying about something that may or may not happen several years from now.
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