POAEM to POAET - Need to have more then 4 years left

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by pitty, Feb 22, 2011.

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  1. More good news on the POAEM to POAET front. If you want to do it the 7 years EC has gone and you now need to have more then 4 years left to apply....Never did like Sultan anyway Daedalus was always much nicer!!
  2. Agree, spent many years there
  3. I hated Daedalus, soon as I arrived I wanted out.
    During leading hands course I went sick while on leave. Civie doctor gave me a sick note for two weeks, after thinking long and hard about this I relised that if I took the sick leave it would mean being backclassed and spending an extra 3 or 4 months at the place. I crawled back and completed the phase OK.
  4. what mess were u in then? Slim, year etc
  5. Must have been about 1967 Grenville block I think, first mess on the left.
    Lt Thakary was my DO right useless twat, and feck me if he wasn't my DO again when I went back for POs course.
    I hated Daedalus
  6. when a sprog, in '73, the entire bottom floor was killicks and if we were just a tad noisy, we were informed of the error quite errrrrrrrr strongly! Then there were the nightly security rounds when you went around the place holding onto a PO's hand in case he was scared of the dark...lol.
  7. When I was there the bottom floor was killicks and the floor above those on mechs course.
  8. Was in the same mess in 1986, you could have cleaned up after yourself!!!
  9. I too detested Dead-loss. Couldn't even tell you what mess I was in. It was bad enough just living there after I changed branches!

    The food was so bad everyone was on a diet of toast or ate in the civvy canteen.

    The only good thing about the bar was it sold Nuclear Brown.
  10. As a sprog grubber waspie, it would have been Grenville, where all the pt 11 trainees went, opposite the tennis court b4 then ripped it out to make that red brick building called..........ermmmmmmmmmm ****, forgotten. Ships company and Mechs were in Anson/Blake/Cunningham and Duncan. Tiffs in frobisher. I loved the food, especially on sunday with roast everything.
  11. I was a Condor trained grubber me old mate, circa 68. Only Pinkies and greenies went to Dead-loss in my youth. Condor home to Grubbers, bombheads and chockheads. Happy days.

    Unfortunately by the time I was scheduled for killicks course it was Lee for me!!! If ever there was a reason not to accept Mech selection then Lee on Solent was that reason.

    The only building I can remember with any certainty is Eagle block, the admin building. We trainee crewies used to spend some time in there with drafty and instructors.
  12. When I was there one of the lads on killicks course asked one of the civie cooks for more meat, he was told to feck orf he had his ration.
    Same killick watched the civie for a few days, one day he noticed said civie puttting a package wrapped in white kitchen paper into his bikes saddle bag. Killick phoned the Admiralitu constables and advised them of this fact. Said civie did not work in the galley afterthat
  13. The only building I can remember with any certainty is Eagle block, the admin building. We trainee crewies used to spend some time in there with drafty and instructors.[/QUOTE]

    When I got buttons my sleeve, I worked in an office at the far end next to the Jimmy. My boss a 3 ring Ex AEO, was quite a senior occifer. if he was bored he used to tell me to lock up and as we strode down the passageway past the XO, he would look around the corner and say, "goodnight sprog commander, me and my chief are off". What could I do!
  14. Whilst I'm in the mood for slagging off Dead-loss. Barstewards didn't pay me for three months!

    I found out when I was cashing a cheque in the Midland. I was called in to have a chat with the manager. Shows you how long ago it was! (When was the last time a bank manager actually spoke to us mere customers? It's normally a business advisor or assistant to something or other, I digress)

    Manager asks me if I was still in the navy, to which i replied in the affirmative, [(long for - yes) - (that bits for any newbies)]. Oh he replies, are you aware you haven't had any salary paid into your account for three months? Obviously I wasn't. Anyway, long story cut short - he writes letters to SO(Pay) Dead-loss.

    Waspie called into SO(Pay) when at work next (Course lectures interupted), - receives verbal bollocking!!!!! All I did was not get paid!! So Fuc*ing sorry says I. I get the obligatory don't speak to me like that lecture.

    Transpires the killick in my pay section had put my pay details when drafted in a drawer then gone on weekend a few months back rather than placing it wherever he should have. File falls to back of drawer and thus lost. When file found following investigation as a result of my bank managers letter, said killick goes to top of SO(Pay)'s shit list. (And busted to writer).

    Another reason Dead-loss is not my favourite training establishment. As a sub note, Dead-loss had to pay all my bank charges including the letter the bank manager sent.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2011
  15. Ahhhhhhhhhhh poor boy. I dipped in several times there. At the UPO once, I asked to see my leave card and it was quite a mess, they basically forgot some retard leave I took and as the CPO witer was a buddy, I asked if i could carry over the leave............no worries. So that year I got 9 weeks instead of the 6. poor waspie..........It was an easy place to work as ships company completley diff if you were a trainee as I was from '82 thru 85 on mechs course.
    Nearly made the crushers faint once walking into the UPO wearing a chokie tropical 8's shirt. Oh what fun.
  16. 82 - Mechs course. I feel ancient now!

    I was on mech selection in 74/75? Somewhere around then.

    Them; Why do you want to be a Mechanician they asked.

    Me; 'I don't' sez I. 'I wanna be an aircrewman'!

    Them; Then why are you on the selection.

    Me; Ask him - pointing at some Lt AEO who had told me to turn up!

    Forgotten AEO; Well he was top student, I hardly felt I could leave him out!

    Them; Don't waste our time - get out.

    Me; Exit stage left - fast!!!!!!
  17. I was in the block next to the tennis courts, ships company before going on to the other block opposite the dinning hall. For killicks course, remember the CPO s daughter that lived in the house next to the tennis court.... essence. Always sneaked off early on Friday..... went out of the officers gate. Jcket collar and tie. Just chucked one up to the Sentry and away you went. He never thought i was an occifer... did he:laughing2: My oppo just dropped my blue card into the main gate when going ashore. Jobs a goodun:-D
  18. Scouse, The block opposite the tennis court was Grenville, home to sprogs and trainee killicks, the 4 blocks near the dining hall were Anson/Blake/Cuntingham and Duncan. The houses next to the tennis court/opposite the FCPO/CPO mess, were the married 1/4s which were torn down in '74 and made into a car park! We would try and knock off a tad early on a friday to try and get to the main gate at exactly 3.40 for ratings leave so as the beat the rush thru Scummertown on a friday, as it was quite a slog thru the New Forest/Ringwood/Dorch/Brid/Honiton and Exeter. It was always the guzz route till they put the dual carraigeway thru to Okehampton. How the feck did jack manage when the Exeter 2 Guzz route was just a 2 lane road i'll never know. But even with all the by passes now, theres quadraple the traffic, so feck all gained. Thats why I bought a big yam in the early 90's to go round the traffic....then some asshole started with cameras....bastard.
  19. Best thing about Deadloss was the Bun Penny and the Inn by the Sea and off to Sultan for the bop.
  20. Cornish
    We had ships company in Grenville block during the late 60s.
    Though our mess was mainly killicks on course we had one or two ships company. I remember one em(a) called Twiggy Parry many of you may have met him later in life as a regulator. Lat time I met Twiggy was at Yeovilton in 85 when I was still a PO and he was a Joss man

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