PO GS to transfer to SM either as SNCO or Officer


Ive currently done 17yrs in GS specialising in the EW Branch. been all over the world, served on a wide variety of ships etc etc but now seeking a change and something new.

I have thought about transferring to the 'silent service' for a while now and just wanted some advice from the horses mouth so to speak.

Being an EW rating, im guessing the closest branch would be the TS specialisation. Is there a shortage? do you guys reckon it could be achieved or would i have to start from scratch?

Second option is to go down the SUY route as a warfare officer (i know i would have to gain the correct recommends, pass AIB etc etc) so would that be a better option or not?

Any advice "and anti-skimmer banter" much appreciated.



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I don't know about the dabber part but you'd do a shortened boats course and then on to a boat and qualify. SUY is up to you but there would be more hurdles to jump I would have thought.

I would imagine you'd have to do a TS conversion course of some sorts.
With the SUY route, i did read in BR3 i would have to qualify as OOW before the 'Final Selection Board'

Has any GS SR's crossed over to the subs you know of? im guessing that would be a 'swifter' route to transfer over?


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I used to teach the general course to SR's and officers, so yes, quite a few have although they were technical rates. Also had a few join boats I was on, some had more difficulty getting used to the more informal way we did things though.


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The Recording Authority will be able to tell what the requirements for SUY selection are, alongside the guidance in BR3. If you’re looking to stretch yourself and take your career in a different direction I think the better option would be the X(SM) Officer route.

I’m not sure that transferring to TSM is an option, though I’m far from an authority on that as a WESM SUY. Our EW operators are all AB’s, and while the PO(TSM) provides oversight your primary role at sea is on OPS running the Tactical Picture Compilation. With no experience at sea in GS I’ve no idea whether your job gives you the skill set required to come across at your current Rate.

I do know an RS that did it, but his core job was the same. I think the best answer about the possibility of transferring as a SR would come from the two branch managers.
many thanks for the reply, the role as OPS of the tactical picture compilation sounds very similiar to what we do above the surface, im hoping the main things will be learning the different pieces of kit (however i know of least 2x sub fittd kits i have experience on but thats another story) and the general jist of being a submariner.

I will still consider the X(SM) route too, like said, it maybe the preferred route.

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