PO Alwyn Rob Roberts FAA RNAS Yeovilton

Hi all,

My Dad Alwyn Rob Roberts. RN FAA 1966-1990 Wessex and Sea King Commando Squadron, has sadly passed away. I am trying to find anyone that knew him. He served in NI and the Falklands and was based at Yeovilton. We are devastated by the news. He loved the RN and was so proud to be a part of it. Helicopters were his life. He finished his career with Westland working as a Tech Author on Merlin 101 and Apaches. If you did know him, his funeral will be on the 12th of April, please contact me for details.
Face Book has a Junglies 'Group' for past & present serving 'Junglies'. Worth a post on there too.

I will post it on the Veterans group/Aircrewmans group and request it be shared onto the Junglie group if that helps.
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Jimmy a colleague has passed onto the verger of St Barts. (See Below)

"Gordon, I've forwarded your sad message about Rob Roberts on to Tina Cullen, the Verger of St Bart's and she is on the Junglies Association Committee. Regards, Roger".
Hi, I've reposted on a couple of Junglie sites on fb. Several people said they should know him, given the dates. (As should I) Do you have any pics? Most of us have no working memory and especially not for names!
Also, could I have better contact details, and possibly place and time of funeral?
Cheers, Jo Pick
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