Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by campbellton, Aug 10, 2010.

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  1. I had my medical today and everything was fine except when I told him about a bout of pneumonia in summer in Alaska. The problem was that was given an inhaler and he told me i'm not allowed to have used one in the past 4 years. I used it once and it made no difference so I didn't use it again, to be honest I'm not entirely convinced I even had pneumonia. I have a letter for my GP asking about my history with asthma and inhalers (none) and then tale it from there.
    What are my chances of passing this? I literally used it once and threw it away and the doctor even said at the time it wasn't really necessary just an extra in case. I would be totally gutted of I got denied entry for that one stupid thing.
  2. i cant believe u even mentioned it if you only used it once
  3. he asked my if I was given an inhaler and I wasn't going to lie when it's on my medical records?
  4. Raffer, don't be a tool. If you lie, it is bound to come back and bit you on the arse, with probably, dishonourable discharge!

    Cambleton, I also had the same letter for your GP as you have. And I passed my medical, don't really know where you will stand but just wanted to say good luck :)
  5. well yeah i suppose, but to be honest i probably wouldnt even remember if i had only used it once. Maybe you were right to declare it but i feel rules are in place for a reason so it looks like a 4 year wait.
  6. Ahhhh feck :lol:

    You know what I mean ;)
  7. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Trigger seems to have bought a puncture repair kit and borrowed one of slims crisp packets. Thats his kind of inhaler. :wink:
  8. And so begins Asthma/Inhaler(Issued but hardly/not used.)/Keep a diary/Puff test/Panic/Wibble thread #103. :roll:
    Use the search option or just go into the newbies forum as I'm sure this was all covered just last frickin' week! Again :evil:
  9. Calm down dear, here, take a deep breath
  10. I've had it and believe me, if you had, you would certainly know about it.
  11. Pneumonia won't respond to a salbutamol inhaler anyway - they are given out to help open up the non-diseased lung to make breathing easier.

    As NZB has said, this has been covered ad infinitum. The summary is: see the asthma nurse at your GP surgery, get a peak-flow meter (and ask how to use it properly), get a peak flow diary and check your own peak flow a couple of times a day for the next month. This will (hopefully!) prove you don't need an inhaler.

    RN Medical Officer
  12. Ha, ha I see what you did there. :roll:
  13. Ditto, 4 nearly 5 months off work!!!!

    That'll teach me to ride my push bike when it's minus 15!!!!!!!!!

    (Viral phenomena I must add) No inhaler!
  14. thanks AngryDoc
    once I do that for a month with fine readInge and take it back to the AFCO to send away there shouldn't be any reason to knock me back?

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