PMU'd. Need cover letter advice


Hi all,

I had my RN medical yesterday (X(S/M)) and at the end was told I am Permanently Medically Unfit due to an incident of back pain I had caused by an incident at work in late December '14.

The reasoning the examining doctor gave was because the back pain lasted for up to three months, this is classed as 'chronic' by the Royal Navy's guidelines.

I explained to the RM Sgt who I consulted with after that the (rather minor) pain had last for around 9 weeks until I sought treatment, but the osteopath had put 'up to three months' in his letter to my GP following my treatment and subsequent recovery.

I'm appealing this decision as the Sgt prompted me to as he says I have the grounds to... But what should I put in my covering letter? I'm seeing my GP on Monday in the hope she can provide evidence that the back pain is non-recurring and not a chronic issue.

Really have been working hard on my fitness, mental aptitude, and all for the RN. Don't know what I'd do if I'm refused the chance to enter into training.

Cheers all, NB


War Hero
You cannot appeal against the medical standard for entry itself. If you have a recorded history of recurrent or prolonged back pain, particularly if it involved time out of education or off work for more than a few days, then there are scant grounds to appeal the facts, unfortunately.

When a person appeals the decision, the individual does not enter into medical technicalities. All they should do is write a covering letter with supporting qualified medical evidence from their GP or independent, medically qualified & recognised healthcare professional. It would also help the case if you can provide an unbroken record of physical training, post injury, which indicates you have fully recovered and there is no greater chance of future recurrence.

The bits that are non-negotiable and therefore not worth even considering an appeal are outlined in paragraph 3.12.33


Hi Ninja, thank you for your advice regarding this.

I didn't take any time off or receive SSP related to this incident of pain, which I hope my GP will be able to back up in her letter of evidence. How would I go about providing record of physical training? Not a member of a gym, though all my PT I do twice daily 5-6 days per weeks, with runs in between - I've got a handwritten regimen that I alter at the end of each month to include new exercises (started in October 2015), would that be substantial evidence if provided in a typed format?


War Hero
A training diary, whatever the format, may well help augment the claim of full recovery but ideally a report from a qualified healthcare professional indicating full recovery and no greater chance of recurrence is the crux.

Take your time getting the evidence in support of any appeal, you only get the one opportunity.


Will heed that last bit of advice, and consult with my GP about compiling a training diary. Hope this pays off...

Many thanks for your help Ninja


War Hero
Just to add the 'average' wait for an appeal, so I'm told, is 6 months.

The service has already declared the decision so you are strongly advised to continue to seek employment elsewhere, pending a further decision. In the majority of cases, the medical decision I usually upheld.

Either way, best of luck.
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