Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ant, Sep 23, 2013.

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  1. Ant

    Ant Midshipman


    My medical has gone on for around 10 months and its just come back that i have been deemed PMU. The reason is for vomiting and Gastritis. But only once have i ever had an upset stomach but it didn't have all the symptoms for gastritis. Can anyone help me understand why i have been made PMU on a small count of an upset stomach and also how i am able to go round and appeal this?
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It depends specifically what you were diagnosed with. If you don't know specifically what caused you to be made permanently medically unfit for service, write a short, polite letter to the AFCO Medical Examiner to enquire.

    You cannot appeal against the medical standards for entry and if you suffer from a condition listed as an outright bar to entry, then there is no point appealing. If you are appealing against your diagnosis, then you need to produce qualified medical evidence in support of your claim - it's no good claiming "It's not that". You have to prove exactly what it is as there was obviously "something" which prompted your visit to see a medical professional in the first place.

    Once you have a definitive diagnosis that isn't in itself a bar to entry, all you need do is write a very brief, concise & polite covering letter, address it to the AFCO Medical Examiner and send it together with your qualified medical evidence in support of your claim.

    Good luck.
  3. Ant

    Ant Midshipman

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Do i have to prove that i don't have it or never have? If its just that i no longer have it, ill go for a blood test and some more ways to prove that i don't. But i'm not keen on going through it all if it wont help my case.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    angrydoc is best placed to give a medical opinion of your particular condition, I can only advise the mechanics of how you go about appealing.
  5. I can't add much to what Ninja has said to be honest. You don't always need all the symptoms to have the condition though. There's no blood test or scan etc that will support your case. Gastritis is essentially a diagnosis made from what you have said to whoever you saw. It's a condition which can come and go so the fact you don't have it right now isn't that relevant.

    Do as Ninja has advised - write and see exactly why you failed. Then you know what to appeal, bearing in mind you cannot appeal that our standards are somehow wrong.
  6. Ant

    Ant Midshipman

    I have spoken to my GP and from the reference letter from the Hospital, it just says that it is likley i have had gastritis irritation. Theres nothing to prove or disprove the diagnosis. So how does this affect my right to appeal if i my self cant have evidence to prove / disprove what the CAPITA doctor has stated.
  7. Could be a one-off I suppose. Appeal if you want to - it'll go to a service doc with all the info and a final decision will be made.

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  8. Ant

    Ant Midshipman

    I have had another phone-call from the careers office and they said that there is no point in phoning if i cannot prove that the diagnosis was false. They're saying that there is no point in appealing if i cannot prove it. But as no tests were done at the time what am i meant to do?
    I realize i am asking the same questions over and over again but ive always wanted to join the navy and it looks like that wont happen for a reason that inst just. I am looking at spending £350 on a private doctor to have a rummage in my stomach but i am not sure if this will be able to be used to support my case of never having gastric issues.
  9. Ant

    Ant Midshipman

    I know exactly what your saying however, my GP is trying to challenge the RN to have some form of evidence that i had the issue. Otherwise, CAPITA can say i have all sorts of things wrong with me in the past but cant prove it now. Im just stuck on what to do. I know im probably annoying a number of people on here and for that i apologies, but this is the best resource for knowledge on what to do.
  10. Ant

    Ant Midshipman

    Thats what my GP said. Im no doctor so i dont know what the signs are. If im medically unfit then im medically unfit, but id still want to make 100% sure of that before i give up on the navy. For all i know, it could just be something that has been put across wrong or just incorrect on my records. Im just thinking about what to do next then if all hope is lost, apply for an apprenticeship with BAE instead.
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    My advice is apply for jobs simultaneously rather than sequentially as you will otherwise spend a large portion of your life unemployed.

    With regard medical suitability for the Royal Navy, bearing in mind I have no medical qualifications, my guess is your GP may well have given your condition a label (IBS perhaps?) in your medical records. The problem is that there was obviously a medical issue serious enough to warrant a visit to a GP and the condition was diagnosed, treated & placed on record. If the diagnosis was incorrect, as stated in post #2, then the onus is the applicant to prove it incorrect with professional medical evidence to correctly diagnose the condition. As a rough guideline, the medical standards for entry require that those joining the service are free from any requirement for routine ongoing medication or special dietary needs - if you condition requires either, there's a good chance that may well be one of the reasons for the medical decision, particularly if the medical record demonstrates that was the course of treatment.
  12. Ant

    Ant Midshipman

    This is where i am confused.
    I understand everything that you are all saying.
    However, if i did have / have what i was diagnosed with by the CAPITA Dr then it would mean medication and dietary requirements. Which i have none of them. Im just trying to work out how i can go about my appeal. The easiest way i can think of is by going to a private consultant and having tests to show that there is nothing in there now. As it is was what i was diagnosed with then there will be ulcers and other things in / on my stomach lining.
    Ive just realized how annoying i must seem.
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Pause for breath.

    Is the AFCO Medical Examiner your GP?

    If so, then he/she will know your full medical history.

    If not, then he/she can only respond to information provided by yourself & your GP - the AFCO Medical Examiner isn't there to randomly punt a guess and diagnose any ailments you may have, he/she is trying to determine your medical suitability for service based on the information supplied by you & your GP.
  14. Ant

    Ant Midshipman

    No, sorry its so unclear.

    My GP's report is different to the Hospitals report. I have a longer appointment with my GP so i can sit down and get their opinion, all my medical history and so on to go through it. Then i'll look at if its worth appealing or not.
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It is extremely unclear. It probably helps if an accurate series of events is disclosed upfront, rather than assume anyone has ESP if helpful and practical advice is desired.
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