Hi i was rejected PMU almost 4 years ago for 2 episodes of self harm which i dispute. I requested my notes be changed from my doctors and they refused. The one episode of self harm was 10 years ago and i have a family and a completely different outlook on life to when i was a teenager. Is this never considered when looking at individual applications?
I'm not being funny but if you self harmed when things where a little crap as a teen, do you not think it likely you may do it again when you're having a hard time being beasted and having people try to kill you?

Being a civvy I'm no expert, but I'm sure life changes when in the forces. Perhaps your "outlook on life" would change again, except this time they would be trusting you with weapons so you'd be less likely to biff it up.


Depends what caused it and the time lapse between the self-mutilation / self-poisoning and your application. Yes, these things are looked at - believe it or not we actually are moderately good at what we do.

I'm confused about your syntax though - do you dispute the fact you self-harmed?
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