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Hi today I was PMU due to a head knock I had last November which gave me amnesia, there’s a 2 year bar on this which it’s been nearly a year since my head knock, does anyone know when re apply if I’ll have to sit my rt etc again ? As I’ve heard the rt test last 2 years but I don’t know if I’ll come into that as I’ve been PMU. Thanks
RT is valid for 3 years. You would have retake it if you apply for a different role if you have not scored high enough. It seems a bit odd that having to retake the RT is a concern. I take it you are not academically gifted.
I appreciate the quick reply, not really I put a lot of time and effort into studying for the rt n managed to get a good enough score for the role I applied for, but I’ll 100% be applying again soon as this time bar is up for me which is next November, my AFCHO did say on the phone today that I’d need to go through the whole processs again but I wasn’t to sure what he was meaning by that, but again thanks for reply

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