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I'm new to this site so please forgive possible repetitive question. I passed my face to face medical but have just been made 'medically unfit' due to having a childhood ADHD diagnosis (never prescribed medication), cannabis misuse (age 16/17) and 1 self harm episode age 18 (almost 2 years ago). Quite a lot to appeal but on the plus side i have never had input from mental health services or had psychiatric episode linked to smoking cannabis. My question is, do I appeal this decision now with a supporting letter from my GP? (my GP has recorded my ADHD as 'resolved' and I haven't smoked cannabis for almost 2 years and not had another self harm incident) OR do I wait the required time (3 years symptom & treatment free) and re-apply? I want to join the marines and am working hard on my fitness and happy to provide fitness diaries, urine drug tests etc to support my appeal. I have 5 months left to appeal the PMU decision.

Failing all this, can I apply to the Para's (after the 3 years symptom & treatment free period) if I have a PMU from the navy (considering the CAPITA tri-service agreement).

I have read the JSP 950 and done my homework but not too clear on appeals.


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Speak to your recruiter, every case is different, not sure if Army and Navy look at entry requirements differently. You can only try?


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You cannot appeal the standards set regarding health. The basis of the appeal has to be about the a wrong diagnosis and a doctors letter can help support this.
P.S. I am not an expert or even close but I have read many similar posts to yours that have appeared in the past.
Try searching "medical appeals" and see what has been said previously. Having said that always check with your AFCO before taking any action.

Mr Blue

Thanks, the ADHD diagnosis has been resolved. So its the cannabis and self harm entries that I will enquire about before appealing.

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