PMU - Oral Steroids for Asthma. Can this be appealed?


I have searched the forums prior to creating this thread, however I am unable to find a clear cut answer would really appreciate some insight.

Medical outcome = PMU
JSP950 4D05
History of more than one prescription of oral steroids for asthma ( x6 in total )

Quick summary:

From the age of 3 until 8 I struggled quite badly with Asthma and had numerous courses of oral steroids to support. Since then I have had no issues, im a 26 year old male who is extremely active.

Is this something that can be appealed? My AFCO recommended I appeal however the guidance clearly states there is a maximum amount of times oral steroids can be prescribed and we are unable to appeal against the standards set (see below)

5. Candidates with a recorded history of asthma, with the following features, would be normally graded P8.

The wording "following features" does this mean any of the below or all of the below?

a. Those who have experienced symptoms or taken, or been prescribed any form of treatment within the last 4 yrs.
b. Those who have required more than one course of oral steroids.
c. Those who have required more than one nebulisation since the age of 5.
d. Those who have had a single admission to Intensive care or high dependency, or multiple admissions to hospital.

I want this so badly, I am happy to spend any amount of money to go to an Asthma specialist and conduct a spirometry test, peak flow diary etc however I just want to ensure that I'm not completely wasting my time/money if this is something that could be appealed.

On the Capita letter it makes no comment on the appeal process and if this could be overturned however this could be standard.


If the AFCO says appeal, then appeal.

What have you got to lose?

Im still waiting for a breakdown on the cost of an independent lung test from a private doctor and a medical report which I'd imagine will be north of £500.

So in terms of what I have to lose would be £££.

That's the sole reason for making the thread however I have been browsing multiple forums and there is a success story of someone appealing oral steroids in the past and that's all the motivation I need to try.


I just had the same response from the army being PMU due to 3 courses or oral steroids. This was over 4 years ago.
Going to appeal.

I applied ages ago, went to assessment centre and got deferred due to asthma as they wanted more information- peak flow, asthma questionnaire and a spirometry test.
Requested all this from gp. Spirometry test is for diagnostic and treatment purposes only (at my gp practice) anyway, based on my peak flow and asthma questionnaire they have declared my asthma not active. So submitted this back to thr medical team at Pirbright and got the response above.

It's so bloody frustrating...

Appeal the decision. Chuck as much information you can at them and hope for the best.

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