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I have just received a letter to say I am PMU for pilot due to hay fever. This is despite my doctor writing a letter to confirm I have no medical history of it. In my medical I was completely honest and ticked the box however the doc didn't ask me the last time I had it, how severe etc. I last had a case when I was 13 (5 years ago) which was a mild one and never had it since but this won't have been recorded as the doc didn't ask me. According to the eligibility criteria if I have been free for more than 4 years and if it wasn't severe it should be fine. Do you think I have grounds for an appeal? Even more gutting is that I have already passed my FATs.


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Aircrew medical standards are pretty rigid and the issue is probably related to the type of treatment. If an inhaler was prescribed due to a detected asthma wheeze then an appeal in the case of aircrew is unlikely to succeed but shouldn't necessarily be a bar to non-flying branches unless it was a steroidal inhaler or steroids were prescribed to treat it.

If you were prescribed an inhaler then a questionnaire will have been sent to your GP requesting the full history of the issue, the diagnosis, treatment and any repeat occurrences. Presumably you would also have been given a peak flow meter to record a peak flow diary if an inhaler was prescribed.

The thing to check is what information your GP provided - if it was incorrect or the treatment inappropriate for the condition, then that can be appealed if he/she will make a written statement to that effect, but otherwise the only grounds for appeal would be if no inhalers were prescribed and the signs/symptoms did not suggest an asthmatic reaction.

From the way you describe it, it sounds as though you may well have had a repeat prescription of inhalers up unitil age 13 - if that's the case an appeal would be unsuccessful unfortunately.

Best of luck

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