PMU for military- RFA an option?



Can anyone confirm whether being declared Permanently Medically Unfit for military service also applies to the RFA?

It was due to how a long-resolved childhood medical condition appears on my medical records (the condition itself isn't an automatic bar, but the- in my opinion incorrectly represented- duration is). From my limited research I can see that potential RFA employees need an ENG1 but also have to reach the 'RFA medical standards'- are these the same as for the RN?

I am appealing but realise the chances of success are slim. A cadetship in the RFA looks at first glance like something I might enjoy.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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I would be classed PMU for the RN but have my ENG1 no problem for the RFA. Depends on condition and how bad I would imagine.


Thanks Jenny, that's encouraging.

It was for a condition I had 13/14 years ago. The requirements are that the duration can't be for longer than 6 months. In my case, it was 5 months, but I have another (bizarre, inexplicable) mention of it on my records 7 years later (in itself, 7 years ago). It's this entry on my record which I'm going to try to dispute, although I realise success is unlikely.

Here's the relevant bit from JSP950:

Chronic fatigue syndrome and associated disorders
3.13.7. Candidates diagnosed as suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome or the
group of associated disorders e.g. fibromyalgia (FM), myalgic encephalitis (ME), or post
viral fatigue syndrome (PVFS), are graded P8. Those with a history of this disorder lasting
no more than six months, but who have been certified to have had no further symptoms
and have been undertaking normal activities for more than two years require the opinion of
a Service consultant physician before acceptance3.

I have no medical issues now and run marathons and ultramarathons so I think I'm ok fitness wise; nothing else turned up as a problem on my medical. Pretty frustrated to say the least but am going to stay upbeat and look at other options- I realise the RFA is a very different lifestyle but many of the aspects which appealed to me about the military seem to apply. I'd just like to know how realistic my chances are.


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I was pmu and discharged from the army early 00s. I've recently joined the rfa.

Best bet for specific medical advice for your condition would be to phone recruiting and arrange to speak to the occupational health nurse.

Best of luck.

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Only just seen this - I was medically released from my commitment to join the Army back in the early 00s and I too have recently joined the RFA.

Best thing to do is to call the RFA Occupational Health Nurse and have a chat with her about it. I can give you the number if you have any issues getting hold of her.
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