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Hi all apologies as I know questions like this come up all the time, I am just looking for some up to date guidance.

I have just received a letter telling me that I am PMU due to my Army medical records. (I served 5 and a half years in the Army and am now looking to join the Royal Navy) When I left the Army I was given a full medical and was told that I had passed with flying colours.

The thing that annoys me is that I have spent nearly a year, going through the joining process and I passed everything. Medical exam, fitness test in sub 9 min the lot however the Navy said they were waiting for my medical records from the army and that they shouldn't of let me do all the tests. "we have done the process the wrong way round"

Im apparently PMU due to a Suspected NFCI. Long story short I was taken out of an ops room role and put into the field in -10 and my boots got wet causing my feel to swell for a few days they where going to send me to get it all checked out but as swelling went down and I returned back to normal nothing was done the medical center canceled any further appointments as i was deemed fully fit for duty.

If I wasn't rejoining the forces and was a new recruit I have been told that I would of been accepted as I have passed all the tests for a normal civvy to join the navy.

Any advice welcome.


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In no way am I medically qualified, but I've come across a very similar issue regarding a trained rank who had simililar issues after a trip to Norway on exercise, who left the service & tried to rejoin. My understanding is the service medical experts in this particular field are "sparse" and that is being generous to the bloke .

There lies the conundrum - the service wants qualified medical evidence of a full recovery but there are very few people outside of the service qualified in this area.

"Catch 22".

Anyway, the official line is here, if you have not seen it: Paragraph 3.13.12, which is, frankly, unhelpful:

Hopefully @nemesis1066 can bring us glad tidings of great joy with regard progress in this specialist area.

If the individual was discharged P2 (fit), based on his/her service medical record, then they need to find out the specific reason if they cannot rejoin, based on their former service medical records. In the event the service is prohibiting re-entry due to an injury incurred during the course of your duties which prevents need to initiate a bit of research with regard the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme: I think @hackle may be able to point you in the right direction in this respect.

In the event the individual was discharged with a medical pension in a reduced MedCat, and subsequently decides they wish to re-join...they are having a giraffe as they cannot have it both ways.

Best o'luck, Face East.
Thanks for the reply Ninja_Stoker

To confirm I was discharged P2 (fit) and I left the forces under voluntary redundancy, having been out long enough to rejoin without having to repay any amount. The letter I received classing me as PMU is due to a suspected NFCI as explained before.

Since receiving the letter that declares me PMU I rang my AFCO and they said that if i don't agree its up to me to find a way to disprove the decision so I have been to see my local GP, shown him the letter along with all the medical records I could find relating to the suspected injury.

I have now had a full medical examination concluding that there is no trace of an NFCI nor are there any other injuries of any sort. A detailed report of the examination is now been produced.

Whether or not the navy accept this is anyone's guess. if they don't i am back to square one and will have to look for a different approach.

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