PM's Question time tomorrow (8th June) Extension of T22's

Evening all,
I was having a catch-up with a good friend of mine this afternoon who's serving on one of the T22's down in Guz (Fighting Sausage). And the buzz he was telling me, going around the ship etc, that during PM's Question time tomorrow 11.30am, an announcement will be made suggesting the remaining T22's will be regenerated / extended etc, what ever you want to call it, to go back to sea again.
What are your thoughts on the matter?, i would have throught the Government making this U-turn would be bad for publicity etc.

...What are your thoughts on the matter?, i would have throught the Government making this U-turn would be bad for publicity etc.
If true, they would spin it so that put the blame on either Gordon Brown for leaving them in a position where they had to make cuts they didn't want to, or the Admiralty for not making the correct choices in the SDSR.
My understanding - as the WAG of someone on one of the T22's is that these rumours have been circulating pretty much since the SDSR announcement that they were being decommissioned so I ain't gonna set any more store by 'em than I did when His Lordship came home with 'em... but I'd love to be wrong :)
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PMQs are normally at 12.00 Noon and it is unusual for announcements on the policy for anything let alone something as specific as the T22s to be declared.If the Sec.of State for Defence is due to make a statement to the Commons tomorrow at 11.30 then it might include what is being predicted.
According to the House of Commons website, 11.30am tomorrow is 'oral questions on International Development'

How does one un-decommission a ship then? And if they are being un-decommissioned my other half will be threaders that all the stripping down has to be undone :)
Very true LMM,
when i was speaking earlier to my mate, he said he would be thredders about it, as hes due to be drafted at the end of the month etc (cushty draft), as with the rest of the ship, I believe theres only a handful of people onboard now, (mainly engineers) etc, As far as i was told all offload of equipment had been put on hold until any decisions have been made. I shall be watching PMQ's very closly tomorrow lunchtime for any such annoucement, hopefully for your OH's sake, and my mates, it doesn't get regenerated.

If the offload has been put on hold he'll be threaders... coz thats exactly what he's been doing all week! I will also be watching BBC Parliament from 11(ish) tomorrow - I'll see you back here about 12(ish) lol :-D
It would make sounder policy to re commission the Harriers and put them on the remaining carrier coming out of refit. Cheaper and more flexible than the RAF have been. But that isn't likely to happen either.
The most annoying thing about any U turn will be the political wrangling, back biting, blame game, scoring points for their own policy or lack of it, and all for their own smug satisfaction. Our current bunch of political masters either in power or in opposition have only one thing in common, they should all be called NERO.
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