PM thanks military personnel for Olympics role

The times said it was split three way. However Royal is in that figure so as for matelots..... Though I saw one driving into London in 8's this morning. Surely the would be in cs95 MPT????
You got those in London, on land and on Ocean, those in Weymouth on land, on MNTS, on BULW, ON P2000 as well including flights.
Can anyone put a figure on the number of RN personnel involved.If this contravenes OPSEC please ignore.
According to Navy News here, the 17,000 military personnel committed to the Olympic and Paralympic events before the latest increase comprised 2,600 from the Royal Navy (presumably including Royal Marines), 2,600 from the RAF and 11,800 from the Army.


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Less obvious but no less important, let's not forget those brave members of STC conducting covert ops such as necklace searches in Portland Harbour and up the Thames... :wink:

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