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After upgrade if my inbox is anything to go by you all need to clear old messages as no bugger will be able to contact you as there is a limit on number of messages in your in box.

Hello again shippers


Edited to add....I am trying to contact a couple of you.
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Yep, appears to be the case, I had to delete all my messages...all those naked phot's from Soliel and NZB have been despatched to the dustbin of history=(
Hello mate, I think I've bolloxed my inbox and cleared your pm. Im just a bit pished at pres so I will sort it all tomoz if I can.

Great your back oppo will call.
Great to see you around again Stirl. I had an email from admin telling me that you had tried to PM me but my inbox was full (which it wasn't), but being the cyber thicko that I am, I'm still trying to sort it out. Will contact you soon as.
Best wishes mate,
I've only got 13 PMs in my inbox (all from XRD telling me how essence I am); do I need to delete these to be able to receive others?

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