Plymouth's Leading Nightspots

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Harry_off_the_Hermes, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. THe best i knew was the paramount .It was unbelievable in that place :D :D
  2. Aaaaaah Commodores, what a dive. The blond hatter behind the bar in the film was Tommy IIRC.
  3. yes les The Paramount, better known as the Plymouth School of Dancing. Juke Box stood on beer crates, and second hand aircraft seats around the hall. Nearly opposite the Magic Stick (Majestic dance Hall). Happy days. lol
  4. And how many times did you go down the vertical steps into the Strasse ? Voluntarily that is ? Not nearly as much fun as watching from across the road....
  5. Boobs was always the place for discerning matelots.....
  6. Didn't Boobs used to be called Jets in the 70's?
  7. Thought that was further up the road towards the Twigs
  8. Showing my youth a bit here but for it me it has to Millennium for getting smashed and Jesters for trapping a pig.

    I recall Millennium used to cost £10 to get in then all the drinks were free. Carnage inevitably ensued.

    There is that pub down towards the Octagon (The Ship?) that stays open until 7am, all the off watch hookers and strippers drink in there. Classy joint. I was thrown out once for sleeping. I wouldn't have minded but one guy was getting wanked off under a table, another two were having a full on fight and one more was doing crack in the heads. The bouncers didn't bat an eyelid at these 'regulars' but me, a lazy, sleepy matelot gets launched into the street.

    Who could forget the Avondale Arms and the Keyham. Both just outside the dockyard with rats bar maids with their cans out. Peanut dip anyone?

    There used to be a fairly decent 'massage' parlour next to the Avondale. It had themed rooms and depending on your mood you could have either a Chinese ****, a 70's disco ****, an Ikea **** or a space ****. I bumped into my DO in there once and we discussed my RORRS report while we both got noshes in the sauna.

    Good times.

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