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PlymouthLive: "24 Fascinating Tales You Might Not Have Known About Plymouth"


War Hero
"From The Forgotten Prison To The Plymouth Man Who Was The First Footballer To Command A £1M Transfer Fee

Plymouth is filled with fascinating history almost everywhere you look.

If you're born-and-bred here, or have passed through on a holiday, it's likely that you will have heard the tale or seen the famous photograph of The Beatles sitting on Plymouth Hoe.

All Plymouth schoolchildren learn about our city's big adventure, when the Pilgrim Fathers left the Mayflower Steps for the New World in 1620 and Sir Francis Drake supposedly playing bowls on Plymouth Hoe whilst the Spanish Armada invaded.

But many people won't know about the forgotten Plymouth prison, the fruits that hold the city's name or the giant species of marine life found in Plymstock.

These are just some of our favourite and most interesting facts about Britain's Ocean City."

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