Plymouth to lose Gens to Portsmouth

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. Yesterday in Prime Minsters questions, Gary Streeter the MP for Plymouth asked the PM:
    Gordon replied:
    It will be seen that he never gave that assurance of Gens and that the only inference can be that General Service ships will be moving to Portsmouth.
    Of course he had to make part of the speach political - ******.

    PMQs - The very last question.
  2. Yeah I saw that, and it didn't fill me with confidence to be honest.
    Although IF the move of the ASRM squadrons into the yard goes ahead, some of the ships at least will have to remain. Hopefully along with their escorts.
    Which would be T22's and T23's :D
    So, thats that sorted then, Pompey can have whats left of the H ships and everything else will stay at Guzz :)
  3. Now that sounds Like a PLAN.. Good old Gordo, bring those ships down :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
  4. Should any one be surprised? This was muted during the (longer than expected) base port review. Rumour at that time was all Surface fleet to Portsmouth with the exception of Amphibious ships, FOST remains GUZZ, all Submarines to be base ported Faslane. All Submarine refits and DED's to Guzz. Allegedly this was the only option that would ensure retention of all three dockyards.

    Have a nice day
  5. Rumour and allegation, Idiot?
    From you?
    Hmm, what does daddy pig say?
  6. There we go another serious post and even then the MODs are snapping at my heels like rabid fcking chihuauas. C'est la vie. Says it all really does it not?

    Lamri have a nice day old fella
  7. But thats all you've posted!
    At least I posted with tongue in cheek!
    Scrape a nerve?
  8. And by this you mean moving RM units into the dockyard??? at the very least Ocean, and the amphibious ships would have to stay.
  9. Erm, which is what I said chap :)
  10. Lamri
    Scrape a nerve? Do not be ridiculous, my skin is thicker than a Rhino old chap. Hmm, what does daddy pig say?

    Yours aye
  11. Not suprised IDID, we had a bloke like you onboard once. Just really wouldn't take a hint at all! ;)
  12. LAMRI Back off sunbeam. Don't give me a fecking hard time. It was always on the card that Guzz would get all or nothing. Prior and during the Ports review, it had been muted that the Anphid and excorts would come to Guzz and Fost would stay.. everything else to 'smith.

    Anyway why the shittygram!!! Just making a comment.

    I challange you to a dual Sir!
  13. Pinch sorry it looked like that mate, but I have been replying to Idiot deeper :) and not giving YOU sh1t.
    The fact is that due to his/her past posts, they are now invisible and can only be seen by using the reply button in preview mode.
    Try again and you can see I have actually been having a quite weird conversation :D
  14. Ok I will inform my Man to tell your man that we have both made an error, and the seconds will be withdrawn :thumright:

    Listen Mate it's got to be the most crazy way of dealing with a crazy poster, Bloody funny though :money: :money:

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