Plymouth nurse sell her knickers on-line

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 5dits, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. Bet she didn't put a photo of herself on :w00t:
  2. As I said Here


  3. some of the other replys are good
  4. Yeah there's some funny ones :)
  5. Wonder if Don-don knows her?, he works at Derriford :dwarf:
  6. Not exactly a looker is she? Can she be done for false advertising? "£25 for those worn after sex".
    Who exactly is going to give her that option?
  7. Must be something wrong, whose knickers was she actuaaly selling??

    Guzz females do not wear them do they!!!!
  8. Think i wil buy some. Running short off bed sheets. Fat Trout
  9. How about that Nurse Kathy West?
  10. Now I've seen her picture I want a refund........
  11. Funnel covers comes to mind o_O
  12. Come on Lads, thats someones daughter your slagging off!!!

    Ok, a minging daughter!!!!!!!!!!

    "Bet you've had worse?"

  13. Fortunately i dont know her lol :toilet: :tp:
  14. IF i were to considder wanting any they wouldn't be hers
  15. bugger it, if she's selling at £20 -£25 i'll have to reduce my skidmark one's to £15
    said DE
    :pukel: :pukel: :pukel:
  17. What I want to know is what one is meant to do with said mucky grundies once mr postie had dropped them through ones letter box?
    Surely, if they arrive dirty, then a refund is in order?
    Also, being previously worn, then a refund would be out of the question?
  18. If the item is not as described in the Ebay listing then it can be returned and a full refund can be issued under the Distance Selling Regs lol
  19. I have never understood the fascination that some clearly have for soiled/worn undergarments. Mind you I suppose getting paid for them instead of having to wash them has some merit, perhaps I should offer mine on ebay too.

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